Oats Studios Opens Up Firebase Crowdfunding
Firebase Crowdfunding

Well folks, you’ve said that you’ve grown tired of the pederasty of Hollywood and the Social Justice Warriors taking over your favorite film, television and video games, here’s your chance to put some money into a project that hasn’t been usurped by cultural Marxists.

Oats Studios, led by Neill Blomkamp, has opened up crowdfunding for the first of their planned feature-length films based on the first volume of short films they released last year. They’re starting with Firebase, the truly badass Vietnam-set horror-thriller themed around the Rivergod, a supernatural entity that has the ability to transmogrify bodies into otherworldly beings, while also being able to manipulate the minds of those nearby to see and experience unreal events.

South African director Neill Blomkamp talks about their plans to bring Firebase to life through crowdfunding, and if it all turns out to be successful, he plans on continuing that venture by bringing more of the Volume 1 short films to life.

According to the video, unlike Hollywood, Oats Studios will put all of the money they receive back into the film. No waste, no fluff, no fat. Just filmmaking.

They have plans on raising enough money to shoot a whole film, but if they receive $100 million they plan on shooting a trilogy of films.

I don’t think I would need a trilogy of Firebase, just one well-shot, well-paced, well-directed, action-packed thriller for $25 million would be enough to convince me to add it to my collection. We’re in dire need of well produced, low-budget horror flicks – the kind we used to get back in the 1970s and 1980s before budgets ballooned and the quality of films tanked harder than Jean-Claude Van Damme’s looks after he hit his 40s.

Firebase - The River God

Now if you want to see some real movies get made by an actual competent group of filmmakers, you can fund Firebase for as little as $10 or as much as $1000.

Funding is open right now over on the official Oats Studios funding page.

Let’s hope that they get enough backing because if Firebase is successfully funded, they plan on funding the Zygote next. Both films look awesome enough to warrant feature length releases.

If you need a recap on what Firebase is like, you can check out the original short film below.

You can also help support development by checking out and purchasing the assets from the Steam store page.


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