Onrush PAX East Trailer Features Racing And Physics-Based Wrecks
Onrush PAX East

Codemasters released a new trailer for the upcoming multi-discipline, off-road racing game for home consoles called Onrush. The gameplay trailer was published in the spirit of celebrating the PAX East gaming convention taking place over the course of the weekend in Boston, Massachusetts on the northeast coast.

The minute long trailer starts with some action-packed fly-by shots of the large-scale and intricately made race tracks. By the 20 second mark things zoom in and we see some of the close-quarters bumping and grinding that takes place on the wide open tracks, with dune buggies and four-wheelers jockeying for position by trading paint in shunts like Charlie Sheen trades STDs with porn stars.

You can check out the trailer below.

So hands down, it must be said that the physics look so, so, so good.

The shock absorbers bounce and pulse in vertical jaunts like a gymnast in a tube on a trampoline.

The paint jobs don’t look painted once the motors start revving and the racing gets underway. We see mud smear the sides and tops and bottoms as the vehicles trek through the brown sludge as nonchalantly as Ryan Gosling effortlessly passes through a sea of pussy… cats.

We see that speed is both a tool for securing victory and weapon for dispatching your opponents. You can ram your foes into walls to send them spiraling into the air, or crash head on into them to send the riders flying from the seat and the vehicle crashing into the ground.

The game also sports physics-based damage effects, vehicular deconstruction, and damage-based particle effects.

The only downside is that the game won’t be coming to PC. That’s right, it’s only being designed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers. It’s a real shame but that’s how the dice fall this time around.

Pre-orders are currently open but we all know the rule about pre-orders… right? You can look for Onrush to launch starting June 5th, 2018 this year. For more info feel free to visit the official Onrush website.


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