Overwatch Parody, RacistWatch, Gets Censored By YouTube
Overwatch Racist

Animator and art-provocatuer, GonzoSSM, has had a helping taste of Google’s gulag when the video arm of the conglomerate, YouTube, decided to censor and ban his most recent video from the service. The video is called “RacistWatch”, and it’s a lampoon of Blizzard’s overly politically correct team-shooter, Overwatch.

GonzoSSM doesn’t hold back on making fun of the game’s racial and sexual caricatures, but many of the toxic members of Blizzard’s shooter game community decided that they didn’t want other people watching the parody, thus, they mass reported it to YouTube to get it banned. And given the way YouTube’s system is setup, the video was promptly banned.

It turns out that the reason it was taken down had nothing to do with what was in the actual video, according to GonzoSSM.

Luckily, GonzoSSM was able to re-upload the video over on New Grounds, giving that audience a chance to watch the spoof without worrying about censorship or the content being removed.

You can view the five and a half minute video below, courtesy of New Grounds.

Given that Overwatch fans are obsessively authoritarian, some of them found their way into the comment section at New Grounds, and began badgering GonzoSSM about the short film. ShirukenNG didn’t receive a lot of love for his comment criticizing GonzoSSM for being “racist”…

“Oy vey. Well, it seems you haven’t improved since your older works with Tobuscus. You still make everyone look glossy and gross, your humor consists of racism, and people dying. Racist jokes and people dying can ACTUALLY be funny, it can be written correctly and some people can nail it. You suck at it. It’s just unfunny, redundent, lame, and just bad taste. Like seriously, what was the joke of this cartoon? What’s your punchline? Soldier hates black people and other races? Is that the funny epic joke? The joke was forced and dragged way too long. I know you will most likely respond to my review with “lol haters gonna hate” but whatever lmao”

This fits in line with many of Overwatch’s fans and the company that continues to tower over it with SJW principles… Blizzard.

In fact, Blizzard Entertainment has banned the use of Pepe the Frog from appearing on the social media feeds of Overwatch League players, and they also have teams that monitor out-of-game and off-site activity in order to ban people who step out of their authoritative line. They even banned a player for only playing as the straight, white male, Torbjorn.

Despite these Orwellian tactics, many people still flock to support Blizzard’s Regressive Left-antics, which in turn supports the degeneration of our society and the intended downfall of our entertainment freedoms in Western civilization.


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