Saint Kotar To Put On The Yellow Mask This Spring

How Sveti Kotar could be described as remotely idyllic even at first glance is beyond me.

Even I, cushioned several miles apart from this fictitiously ancient town nestled in the heart of Croatia, can tell of its devil worshipping/pagan inclinations. The True Detective vibes are there, very much so in the Matthew McConaughey-like drooping of protagonist Benedek Dohnány’s shoulders.

Saint Kotar might sounds like a familiar proposition; that’s because Billy had previously highlighted the upcoming point n’ click chronicle’s decision to flip to a 2.5D approach from 2D, primarily in favor of player immersion.

There was talk of a Kickstarter too, particularly inhibitions on Tanais Games’ part with regards to the plausibility of success for such a campaign, which was to finally culminate in an attempt at crowdfunding by the 10th of this month.

Administrative reasons however have pushed back this attempt to the Summer. On the plus side this gives Tanais time to invest in polishing The Yellow Mask, the Steam/DRM-free playable demo that will precede release and accompany the campaign.

Newsletter subscribers are further offered early access to The Yellow Mask, with visitors to the team’s Reboot Develop booth at Dubrovnik granted a sneak-peek/merchandise as proof of concept through today and tomorrow.

Why not simply release the demo ahead of the campaign you ask? Simply so that Kotar doesn’t slip out of your thoughts when support will be crucial.

When it does come out though Saint Kotar will be a psychological-horror fest of three oddball characters, switchable, each with their own assortment of tormented baggage that a strange art exhibition has brought onto the foggy streets of Sveti Kotar.

Recent footage is most telling of the rather cold-welcome and profound dread seeping through the town, with the game’s digitally hand-painted two-dimensional backgrounds and choice-based mechanics also under spotlight.

An eldritch soundtrack and Lovecraft/E. Allan Poe references guaranteed.


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