Sakura Nude Mod For Street Fighter 5 Now Available For Download
Sakura Nude Mod Street Fighter V

Some sexy and nude mods for the now all-grown-up Sakura Kasugano have become available, allowing Street Fighter V owners on PC to see Sakura fighting fiercely in the buff… just the way nature always intended.

Now as many of you know, there are tons of Street Fighter V nude mods; different kinds for different tastes of states of undress. However, if you’ve been starved of seeing Sakura in the buff, some modders have you covered.

The first nude mod comes courtesy of Segadordelinks. He has a full-on nude mod for Sakura that replaces costume 3. You can download the 11.3MB mod from over on his DeviantArt page.

The second mod is also from Sgeadordelinks, and it’s a “short shirt” and sexy rendition of Sakura’s nostalgia costume. The mod is also 13.5MB and you can grab it from the DeviantArt page.

A preview for the mod can be viewed below.

But that’s not all… there’s more.

There’s a Sakura Asari SSR mod from Shuubaru that puts the feisty female fighter in little more than stockings, and a lace embroidered thong. She’s also sporting a very alluring cropped top with plenty of underboob on display. You can download the mod from over on the website.

The mod is quite hefty, clocking in at a rather ample 58.7MB. So it’s not as lightweight as some of the other mods.

You can preview the lingerie mod for Street Fighter V with the video below, courtesy of Ecchi Gamer.

The modding community really knows how to deliver, even when Capcom doesn’t.

Also, if you really wanted to preview the nude mod for Sakura in all its uncensored glory, you can check out the Flickr folder.

Street Fighter V is available right now for PS4 and PC, but only the PC Master Race has access to all those lovely, lovely mods.


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