SKSE 64-Bit Officially Enters Beta Phase

SKSE 64-Bit hasn’t been in the news as of late, but it seems like that has recently changed. In a new update post, it is said SKSE 64-bit has moved from alpha and is now in beta.

If you don’t believe that SKSE 64-bit has moved from alpha to beta, a conversation between an SKSE 64-bit developer, Extrwi, confirming said state can be tracked down over on, which lies below:

FriskyChicken – Is this for SSE (Skyrim Special Edition) or VR?


Extrwi SKSE Developer – SSE.


Hexxegone – Says SKSE Developer by your name. Can you confirm if you guys did move it to Beta status?


Extrwi SKSE Developer – Yes. There are known bugs that need to be added to the readme, but there’s a lot of stuff going on right now.

The reason behind fan uncertainty with SKSE 64-bit leaving alpha state and entering beta is that Hexxegone, the one who submitted the post on Reddit, noted the following information:

“The newest SKSE64 release has removed the Alpha tag. This is the moment a lot of people have been waiting for.


Now modders that were waiting for the beta release can start porting their mods. Very excited to see what mods get released over the next few weeks.”

The above post brought forth another conversation involving a certain user by the name of NotThatWodan and Extrwi, which reads:

NotThatWodan – Now, do we need to wait for already ported mods (like SkyUI) to update for the beta SKSE64, or can we assume all the functions they’ve relied on in alpha will be intact?


Extrwi SKSE Developer – The functions from the alpha are intact. Non-native mods will not need to update. Native code (.dll) mods will need to update because this is also a game runtime version update. If not for the game update, they wouldn’t need to update their code.

Folks left in the dark in regard to SKSE 64-bit can now rest easy given that progress is surely being made as we speak. Hopefully, the devs behind the much anticipated script extender can keep up the pace to seed gamers and fans alike the full version of SKSE 64-bit.

Additional information on this project can be found over or on

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