SoulWorker Nude Mod Now Available For Download
SoulWorker Nude Mod
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

GameForge and Lion Games’ SoulWorker just recently launched at the start of April. The free-to-play MMO may or may not be the cup of tea for most PC gamers out there, but if having nude lolis and buxom NPCs parading around in their birthday suits is the sort of deciding factor that determines whether you’ll put one hand or both hands to use, then you might be pleased to know that a nude mod for SoulWorker is currently available for download.

LoversLab user darsig provided the two necessary modded files in order to turn SoulWorker into nudists paradise. You can download the models and textures file along with the updated graphical user interface from the NSFW LoversLab thread.

The mod is rather lo-fi, only requiring the replacement of the data000.v and data001.v files.

Once you download both files from the forum thread simply copy and paste them into the SoulWorker data folder, which is typically located at the following address:

You can view see what the results are like by clicking through the image below to view the not safe for work versions of the mod.

This will allow you to experience SoulWorker like never before, seeing plenty of T&A while you battle monsters and run through dungeons with friends.

The best part about it is that since the game is free-to-play, there’s no price of entry to make good on the nude mod. All you have to do is head on over to the Steam store page and grab the client to start enjoying some totally uncensored, hack-and-slash action.

Of course that’s notwithstanding the fact that many gamers complain that SoulWorker is a pay-to-win game with annoying microtransactions and limited character customization. So you’ll have to decide for yourself if the nude mod is worth the grinding hassle.

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