Steel Rats Gameplay Trailer Reveals 2.5D Dieselpunk Action-Racing
Steel Rats

Tate Multimedia released the very first gameplay trailer for the upcoming 2.5D action-racing title, Steel Rats. The game is set in a dieselpunk, post-apocalyptic world where killer robots have taken over and players must race through streets, forests and industrial settings while attempting to escape from the killer robots.

You’ll be able to play as different members of the Steel Rats biker gang in a dystopian, diesel-fuled, grunge-future. The game combines stunt-based side-scrolling racing with multi-layered parallax gameplay, allowing players to move into and out of multiple planes. The action takes place across side-scrolling maps, where players will have to ride up walls, dodge trains, and crush robots. You can check out the very first gameplay trailer below.

So you can ride into and out of the screen to dodge objects, make jumps, crush enemies, and blast through breakable walls.

The game appears to mix elements of beat-’em-up games by allowing players to use abilities to take out the robots, but also features physics-based stunt work not unlike RedLynx’s Trials games.

The big difference between Trials and Steel Rats is that the former is all about dirt bikes and speed, while the latter is more about the heavy road hogs and utilizing their weighty characteristics to your advantage.

The game will be on demonstration for attendees of PAX East to check out starting this weekend in Boston, Massachusetts. You’ll be able to get in some play-time with an early build of the game to test out the features and functions.

Tate Multimedia originally announced the game last year, but it didn’t receive the best of receptions when they decided to focus a large part of the announce trailer on a black female biker. This time around the trailer received much better reception with a focus on gameplay mechanics and playability.

Steel Rats is due out later this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can learn more by visiting the official website.


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