Super Monday Night Combat Shutting Down May 23rd Due To GDPR Policy
Super Monday Night Combat Shutting Down

The upcoming implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation at the hands of the European Union is set to get underway on May 25th. On May 23rd Uber Entertainment will be officially turning off the servers for Super Monday Night Combat.

The news comes courtesy of a post over on the official Steam page, where they revealed that due to what would be required to keep Super Monday Night Combat in compliance with the GDPR privacy policy, it wouldn’t be worth the cost due to the limited playerbase currently playing the game.

The team writes…

“[…] due to the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline which is May 24th, we are sad to announce that we will be shutting down SMNC on that day. The game will remain active through May 23rd, 2018. Once our servers have been taken down, you will no longer be able to play SMNC in any game mode, so please make sure to get those matches in while you can.”

From now up until May 22nd, gamers will have free access to $10,000 worth of in-game currency to spend on customizations and other content in the game, just up until the lights go off.

Super Monday Night Combat - Posing

As pointed out by PCGamesN, Super Monday Night Combat hasn’t been properly updated in years, and according to Steam Charts it only has only averaged between eight and 20 players a day. That’s not to mention that the game has been overshadowed by other MOBAs and shooter games, specifically the Orwellian propaganda-shooter from Blizzard, Overwatch.

One of the highlights of Super Monday Night Combat was that it came out during a time where men were men and women were sexy. Leftist politics hadn’t ruined gaming at the time, and you didn’t have to worry about guessing what the orientation was of a character before you picked them.

Sadly, games like Super Monday Night Combat have all been replaced with sociopolitical agitprop from large-scale publishers, and starting May 24th one of the last of the old guards will have its doors shuttered.

You can play Super Monday Night Combat right now if you already have it installed, and enjoy it up until May 24th. If you don’t have it installed, well… tough luck for you because the game is no longer on the Steam store.


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