Tennis World Tour Trailer Examines Career Mode, Fatigue System, And Injuries
Tennis World Tour

Big Ben Interactive and Breakpoint Studios revealed the career mode for the upcoming Tennis World Tour, which is due out on May 22nd for PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The career mode is just like any other career mode in a sports game, where you’ll create your very own tennis superstar and attempt to battle your way up the ranks to become the number one ranked tennis star in the world.

Unlike other career modes in competitive sporting games out there, you won’t be able to hop into one match after another with relentless verve. Eventually your character’s body will begin to break down if they don’t receive proper rest and a break in the schedule.

You’ll have to balance between winning exhibition matches, moving up the ranks to participate in tournaments, and using your earnings to buy new tennis equipment and pay the entry fees to move up the ranks to participate in the more prestigious tournaments.

You can get a crash course on the career mode with the walkthrough video below.

The mode starts with the ability to create and modify your very own tennis player. You can choose their gender, their build, and their size.

Unfortunately the character creator is fairly limited when it comes to appearances, as you’ll only have 10 faces to choose from within the character creation menu.

At the start of the career mode, you start at the 100th rank and the objective is to move up in the ranks, winning matches and balancing out your schedule along the way.

If you play in too many matches back-to-back, your character will suffer from fatigue due to jet-lag, so there’s a fine balance of picking and choosing the matches that best suit your character’s growth without hampering their physical attributes in the process through wear and tear.

If you persist through tournaments even while you’re drained and fatigued, it could lead to permanent injuries.

The risk/reward factor seems interesting, but a lot of that will boil down to how well the game actually plays.

You can look for Tennis World Tour to launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One and surprisingly the Nintendo Switch come May 22nd. You can learn about more of the gameplay features and modes by visiting the official website.


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