Vice Complains That There Are Too Many Black People In Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 Blacks

Social Justice Warriors ragged on creative director Daniel Vavra and the rest of the developers at Warhorse Studios all during the first quarter of this year, because there weren’t any black people in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

ResetEra banned people for praising Vavra, while various Regressive Left anti-gaming websites claimed that they wouldn’t be giving Kingdom Come: Deliverance coverage because they said the game was “racist”. Well, Ubisoft did the opposite of Warhorse Studios, filling up Far Cry 5 with lots of blacks and middle-eastern people on both the cultist side and the player’s side, and this has also caused SJW websites to attack Ubisoft for attempting to feed into the propaganda of diversity.

On April 18th, 2018 Vice writer Dexter Thomas penned a piece titled “Wait, Why Are There So Many Black People In Far Cry 5?”. The title of the article perfectly encapsulates exactly what it says. The author complains about too many black and brown people being in Far Cry 5, both as heroes and villains. He points out that according the 2016 census data, there should be just over 6,000 blacks in Montana, and yet they’re frequently seen throughout Hope County in Far Cry 5.

Thomas writes…

“After spending a few weeks with Far Cry 5, I’ve come to the regretful conclusion that there are way too many black people in this game.


“It’s not that I dislike black people, in fiction or in real life (full disclosure: I am black). It’s just that for a series that prides itself on realism, my experience of constantly bumping into assault rifle–toting black people in the forests of Montana just seems unrealistic.


“Far Cry 5’s premise is that you’re a local deputy sent to arrest the leader of a doomsday cult that has been taking over fictional Hope County, Montana. But for some reason that’s never explained in-game, a large proportion of the cultists are black.”

This is a new kind of criticism of the game after anti-gaming journalists tried to complain about Ubisoft not having a definitive enough political stance depicted in the game the way MachineGames did with Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, which was a colossal sales failure. Despite journalists praising Wolfenstein 2 to the high-heavens as a vicarious way to role-play out their Trump derangement syndrome, the game did not hit it if off with the larger gaming public, and Bethesda has been mum on the game sales since its release. The last numbers on Steam Spy, however, did not look good… with the PC version still struggling to reach 475,000.

Journalists were further triggered when they found out that Far Cry 5 wasn’t a Christian Conservative murder simulator.

In the case of Vice’s Thomas, he was disturbed to see so many black people in a game where in real-life the majority of the residence are white. Thomas also revealed that he didn’t play the game through to completion, by claiming that there were no prominent Native Americans in the game, writing…

“Stranger still is that you can go through the entire game without running into a Native American. At 6.6 percent of the state’s population, Native Americans represent a much larger community than black people, and inclusion of a prominent Native character or two probably would make it feel more like Montana.”

Actually, one of the main resistance fighters for the Whitetails – who eventually becomes their leader – is a Native American named Wheaty.

Far Cry 5 - Wheaty

It’s an impossible cutscene to miss if you actually play through the story mode.

Thomas, nevertheless, falls back to the “realism” factor, saying that the game doesn’t encompass the sort of realism that accurately portrays Montana…

“In this context, slapping a bunch of black characters into the game without explanation feels not only like tokenization, but also a deliberate avoidance of a real element of American life — one that might have made the game more interesting.


“[…] But anyone who has lived in America would recognize the country that appears in Far Cry 5 as inauthentic. It’s disappointing that realism in this video game was not limited by graphical limitations or writing talent, but by timidness.”

Thomas doesn’t exactly explain why Far Cry 5 needed to be more authentic or realistic than a game like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, especially since Vice’s Waypoint opted not to cover the game on the grounds of it being “racist” by attempting to pursue realism over fantasy. There’s nothing remotely realistic about Far Cry 5, from the “Bliss”, to the nuclear holocaust, to recruiting a bear as a mercenary companion, to an entire county engaged in a religious civil war; why would the racial dynamics be more realistic than any of the other fantasy elements in the game?

At this point, Vice continues the trend of sowing division, creating racial divides, and trying to milk the outrage culture that has kept SJW websites at the top of the crop all these years. Even if Ubisoft opted to become obsequious to the demands of the anti-gaming journalists, they would likely complain about the game being “sexist”, “transphobic”, or “islamaphobic”.

When it comes to pleasing Social Justice Warriors, you can never win.

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