VR Kanojo, Adult VR Dating Sim Available For Download On Steam
VR Kanojo

Illusion Soft has done it… they’ve managed to resurrect their profile and make a return to form in the mainstream by launching VR Kanojo on Steam. This adult-themed dating sim is available only and exclusively for VR HMDs, and if you don’t have one you might be compelled to get one if you want to get your sexy-time on with a hot 3D Japanese chick.

The game centers around your next door neighbor, Sakura Yuuhi. The objective is to experience pleasure and Sakura’s full bodily functions that are allowed within the realm of VR Kanojo.

Now this is a full VR dating simulator, complete with applying makeup to Sakura, helping her get things off a shelf, lifting up her skirt, petting her head, groping her boobs while she sleeps, and fondling her nether regions. You can check out the launch trailer below.

Gamers are already calling this the complete waifu simulator.

You can have Sakura dress up in a maid’s outfit, you can see the different kinds of panties she wears, and even strip her down and jiggle her boobs.

The game also doesn’t shy away from allowing you to massage her butt while she rests on the bed.

VR Kanojo - Booty Massage

Essentially everything you would want to do in real life but can’t, is completely doable in VR Kanojo.

You want to get an upskirt peek without being called a pervert? You can do that. You want to poke some boobs without being called a sexual harasser? You can do that. You want to grab some butt cheeks without tossed in jail for sexual assault? You can do that, too.

VR Kanojo – Upskirt

The developers have been asking for support on the Steam page, stating that if enough people buy the game it will give them the courage to keep making more.

Some gamers are already complaining about the title in the Steam forums, noting that this won’t help with the declining birth rates in the West or the massive suicide issues and drastically declining birth rates in Japan. The conversation is a lot more nuanced than you might expect, as many acknowledge that VR Kanojo won’t solve the straight white male and straight Japanese male suicide issues in America and Japan, but it will bring pleasure and comfort to those who are lonely.

One Polish gamer noted that two of his friends recently committed suicide and he wasn’t sure what the fix was, but if some people are finding happiness in a beautiful 3D model that they can attach themselves to, I suppose it’s a win-win situation both for Illusion and for gamers.

I imagine some mods will be released shortly to add even more depth and depravity to the VR game. For now you can pick up a digital copy of the English version of VR Kanojo from the Steam store for $49.99, exclusively for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive.

[Update 4/10/2018:] The uncensored patch is also available to download right now. You can read the instructions on how to download and install the R18+ patch right here.


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