VR Kanojo Free Trial Available With Free Keys For University Students; Expansion Coming Soon
VR Kanojo Free Trial

Illusion’s VR Kanojo has managed to capture the attention and dollars of eager VR enthusiasts who wanted to take their VR dating experiences to the next level. Well, IVR, a Japanese content developer, announced that they are giving away free Steam codes of VR Kanojo for “academic” purposes. There’s also a new free trial available for the adult dating sim.

This is for the SteamVR version of VR Kanojo for those looking to “research” further into the VR capabilities of Illusion’s adult-dating simulator.

The news was picked up by Game Spark, where it was reported that the codes will be available for those attending university or in school looking to expand their knowledge of VR game development.

While this might seem like a joke, it’s actually real. If you visit the I-VR.jp form page, there’s actually a detailed form for university students to fill out.

The form asks for your university, the lab where the tests will be conducted, as well as the e-mail address in which to send the key. You will need to be attending a university or lab or school, and have an appropriate school e-mail address if you want to get your hands on a free key.

There’s a warning on the site indicating that free e-mail address are not eligible for receiving a key, so if you attempt to use Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail, you won’t be eligible for a free Steam key.

Game Spark also noted that VR Kanojo will be receiving some company this summer, writing…

“What’s more, IVR will release a new location set in the tropics for VR Kanojo, as well as a VR Kalesi, which is currently in development and will be unveiled soon.”

You can’t knock IVR for wanting to bring more VR development to the lab scene and university classrooms, but you definitely have to wonder how well many young dudes will be able to learn anything from VR Kanojo when they’re going to be focused on more on their own chemical biology as opposed to the technical engineering behind the VR software?

Anyway, you can grab a digital copy of the adult-dating sim right now from the Steam store for $49.99. You can also download a free trial of VR Kanojo right here, if you have a VR headset.


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