Weekly Recap April 21st: Bully Hunters Shut Down, Vice Dislikes Black People In Far Cry 5
Weekly Recap

Vice recently put together an editorial that probably had Richard Spencer smiling from ear to ear and nodding gleefully. In the piece, Vice complained about too many black people popping up in Far Cry 5. This spawned a conversation about the lack of realism in Far Cry 5, and how a war over ethnocentrism would have both made the game more realistic and relevant to today’s caustic political environment regarding race relations.

While some gamers weren’t able to hunt down and kill specific races in Far Cry 5, the sponsors and organizers for Bully Hunters hunted down and killed off any trace of a potential future for the controversial project. The monumental failure that was the Bully Hunters was exposed and put down by its organizers behind the shed of shame.

These stories and more in this April 21st, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Bully Hunters Gets Sponsorship Enema

It turns out that all of that Bully Hunters mumbo jumbo was bullcrap. One of the hosts came out and apologized for the whole thing being staged, while Vertagear, SteelSeries and CyberpowerPC disavowed and distanced themselves from the travesty of an event. Tekken 7 has been crippled by Denuvo’s DRM, but Katsuhiro Harada says that a fix is coming soon to address the FPS issues that came with the latest update to Denuvo. A new game based on My Hero Academia is in the works called My Hero Academia: One’s Justice for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And we have up a review for Football Manager Touch for the Nintendo Switch.


Bully Hunters Officially Shuts Down

After losing all of their sponsors and being called out by their own hosts, the Bully Hunters is now officially toast. The service had its plug pulled after everyone abandoned it, save for the corrupt, anti-gaming media, who stood by its side until the very end. Classic handheld games are being included in Kingdom Hearts 3, while EA’s Patrick Soderland has said that they’ve heard fans and have learned from their evil mistakes, promising not to go back down the route of premium loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront games again. Even after the delays, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana launched on PC a broken mess, with NIS America promising to fix it as soon as possible. A marketing research firm did a look-see into loot box microtransactions and discovered what gamers already know: loot boxes need regulation!


Vice Thinks There Are Too Many Blacks In Far Cry 5

After the media excoriated Daniel Vavra and Warhorse Studios for not having any blacks in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the media is now attacking Ubisoft for having too many blacks in Far Cry 5. Some Russian gamers are suffering from being unable to access the Nintendo Network after the government opted to permanently shut down a messaging service that they say was being used for terrorist purposes. Nutaku begins accepting cryptocurrency for their stash of adult-oriented games. And Sega wants to know if you would be willing to play a translated version of the most recent release of Fist of the North Star.


SJW FanCon Takes $56,000 And Doesn’t Deliver Convention

An SJW-themed event called Universal FanCon, which was basically an “inclusive” convention for anyone who wasn’t a straight, white male was indefinitely postponed. There’s no new date in sight at all. The official release date for Agony has been set for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One after a minor delay, managing to nab a May 29th release date. And while Agony may have received its release date, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr was actually moved out of its original release date and has been delayed to June 5th. A God of War gameplay walkthrough is available for those interested in old-man Kratos’ latest adventures with his wife’s son. And the Netherlands Gaming Authority will start penalizing and fining game publishers who continue to abuse gambling-style loot boxes in their games after June 20th, 2018.


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