Weekly Recap April 28: Detroit Dev Sues SJWs, Microsoft Kills ElDewrito, Loot Boxes Illegal
Weekly Recap April 28 2018

When Social Justice Warriors and their overseers from the Intersectional Inquisition aren’t ruining the lives of gamers with petty grievances and censorship processions to keep the peons from enjoying any aspect of their lives outside of the daily toils for coin, tithes and taxes, the very people who oversee our entertainment needs are creating reasons to grieve and grumble.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this past week saw Microsoft turning their own audience and potential customers into an enemy of the state. They had the ElDewrito mod shut down for Halo Online and then went after top streamers on Twitch, hitting them with DMCAs and forcing Twitches hand to soft-ban streamers.

If that wasn’t enough, some anti-gaming developers have been clamoring to the new SocJus narrative, stating that Twitch streamers and YouTubers are the harbingers of death for single-player games. Nay — in the eyes of the perpetually oppressed — it can’t be the “cinematic” experiences that forcibly corridors gamers through a linear and uninteresting hodgepodge of code imitating a cheaply done movie, or the SJWism that runs rampant across interactive entertainment — it must be those evil YouTubers and Twitch streamers killing the sales.

On the upside, at least Belgium has made premium loot boxes illegal, which is a long overdue measure for regulating gambling in the industry, and a huge win against corruption.

Anyway, I’ll curtail further ranting about the logical louses and intellectual vagabonds ruining my industry, and simply say that those stories are just the tip of the iceberg in this April 28th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.

Devs Whine That YouTube, Twitch Are Killing Single-Player Games

There’s always some excuse as to why certain studios and certain games are failing in today’s market. For instance, the latest excuse is that YouTube and Twitch are killing single-player games. It’s a big load of hogwash, but that’s exactly what some developers are trying to feed the gaming community. Discord has managed to go the extra mile and censor the entire Dank Brigade channel, which was Count Dankula’s Discord channel. There was no reason or explanation given. In a odd twist, Valve managed to purchase Campo Santo… yes, the same SJW devs who called PewDiePie racist. This means that Valve will be publishing In The Valley of Gods… for some unknown and bizarre reason. And if you have a VR headset, you’ll probably really want to get your hands on Custom Order Maid 3D 2 now that it has support for virtual YouTubing.


David Cage Sues Lying French Media For Their SJW Hit-Pieces

The Halo Online dream came and went with the release and subsequent shut down of ElDewrito. Microsoft exercised their legal muscles to take the community mod out of commission after it gained a worldwide following after releasing last week. Both Sony and Nintendo garnered some strong sales throughout March with the Nintendo Switch and PS4, allowing both of them to tie in the NPD charts. The beginning of the end seems to be looming for CD Projekt Red’s GOG.com after they introduced the public profiles against the wishes and privacy concerns of their users. Death Road To Canada was delayed due to the tragedy in Canada, where people are fighting over whether the van murderer is a Muslim or not. Twitter permanently banned Sky Williams from the service. And David Cage from Quantic Dream is suing lying SJW media in France for their hit-pieces against his studio and Detroit: Become Human.

Belgium Makes Loot Boxes Illegal

The Belgian gambling commission made premium loot boxes illegal, which includes both loot box upgrades and cosmetic loot boxes. Games such as Overwatch and FIFA 18 got dick-slapped hard. What’s more is that there’s a near $2 million dollar fine for companies who refuse to remove loot boxes from their titles. Data-miners dug into No Man’s Sky and put together a video of all the stuff that was removed from the final version of the game, and oh boy was it a lot. A bunch of high-school feminists learned the hard way that after copying and pasting some other guy’s source code and ripping off of an existing iOS app, that their careers as coders is over before it even began thanks to being hit with plagiarism allegations after winning the EarthxHack contest. And the Nintendo Switch is selling just shy of 20 million SKUs for its install base, meaning that if it keeps selling at its current rate it might end up catching up with the Xbox One by the end of the year.

Microsoft DMCA’s Twitch Streamers Over ElDewrito

Microsoft has been DMCA’ing Twitch streamers who have been broadcasting the Halo Online ElDewrito mod. Yes, if you choose to stream the ElDewrito mod, you will get soft-banned by Twitch and DMCA’d by Microsoft. Nintendo still has plans on supporting the Nintendo 3DS throughout 2018 and 2019, and possibly beyond that time. How much support the 3DS will receive still remains to be seen, but it won’t be abandoned anytime soon, despite the popularity and presence of the Nintendo Switch on the market. Halo brand manager Bonnie Ross says that Halo on PC will be a thing at some point in the future, but we just don’t know when or in what capacity. Eidos Montreal has mannified Lara Croft, giving her more Rambo-esque features and characteristics in the latest Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer. And Valve has opted to disable comments on reviews by default with their latest update for Steam, prompting for a lot of disgruntlement from the community.


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