Weekly Recap April 7th: Overwatch Parody Censorship, Brandon Boyer Ousted, Anime Under Siege
Weekly Recap April 7th 2018

If you don’t think that the Regressive Left control the media and haven’t been ruining the lives of geeks, males, gamers and nerds for the last decade, then you’ve either been living under a maggot-filled rock or you’re one of the screeching harpies who have been making our lives a torturous nightmare. All of that is to say that this past week was a pretty good example of the Regressive Left’s cultural crushing machine in action.

Just like any other week since the culture wars have been in full swing, we’ve seen censorship, suspensions, bans, and oustings from jobs. Yes, that also means censorship galore, de-platforming, and lots of localization woes for gamers, Otaku, and weebs alike.

The week started with an Overwatch parody being censored from YouTube for exposing Blizzard and its toxic community for littering cancerous vomit all over the rest of the internet, but thankfully New Grounds allowed the video on there. Later in the week it was discovered CrunchyRoll censored a Western port of the Japanese mobile game DonMachi Memoria Freese for no other reason than to lick the feces of cultural Marxism off Satan’s taint and French-kiss the artistic freedom of gaming right in the mouth.

These stories and so much more rage-filled nonsense in this April 7th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Overwatch Parody Censored From YouTube

A high-risk lampoon of Overwatch was censored from YouTube after a lot of butthurt Blizzard fanboys reported the parody in hopes of getting it banned from the video service. The game Not Tonight ended up getting a bunch of gamers up in arms over its anti-Brexit stance. Ubisoft has plans on including players in their live-services implementation for their future games. Speaking of Ubisoft, their two Call of Juarez first-person shooters have been removed from digital distribution platforms, including Steam PSN and Xbox Live. And one Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator has been suspended by Twitch for telling a player to kill himself.


More E-Sports Personnel Get Suspended For Political Incorrectness

The e-sports community has been under the microscope of the Regressive Left’s Intersectional Inquisition. Various commentators and players are getting suspended and banned for saying the sort of stuff that’s common on 4chan. First it was a a commentator who got suspended by Twitch and then it was an Overwatch League player making fun of Asians. A comparison video between the older God of War games and the upcoming title, and most people recognize that the game appears to have turned Kratos from the a butch, psycho killer, into what many people are calling a cuck. And Hello Games has plans on continuing to support No Man’s Sky long after the NEXT update arrives this summer.


Brandon Boyer Gets Busted For Misconduct

SJWs took over the localization department at Crunchyroll, turning the English release of DanMachi Memoria Freese into a gimped version of its Japanese counterpart. Fans obviously weren’t happy about it, and now they’re going to the FTC about it. SJWs have been complaining about the cleavage and neckline for the character Kai’Sa in League of Legends, prompting for Riot Games to offer a barely-there apology. Former GameJournoPros member and ex-IGF chairman, Brandon Boyer, got ousted from his latest job after complaints of misconduct surfaced, opting for the former journalist to apologize and slip back into the darkness of his undoing. And creative director Cory Barlog on God of War, has come out in defense of his game, claiming that it’s not as bad as people say it is… but it hasn’t stopped people from saying that the game is still about Kratos being turned into a cuck.


Anime Is At Risk Of Being Co-opted by SJWs

A dedicated Otaku decided to warn the rest of the anime community about the encroaching appearance of SJWism and the Regressive Left’s Gestapo making inroads into the community, both in enthusiast media and from the political sector. The fan warns the anime community that #AnimeGate is coming and it’s time to prepare for cultural Armageddon. The uncensored SNK Heroines release date is set for September for the Nintendo Switch and the PS4. It won’t be long until nude mods for Final Fantasy XV appear once the mod tools become available later this year for PC gamers. Marvel’s Spider-Man is going to have PS4 Pro enhancements, but the game will be locked at 30fps. And Boss Key Productions revealed that Lawbreakers was an abysmal failure, and they’re now working on a new game. And we have a Far Cry 5 review up for your reading pleasure.


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