Wolf Tails, Sexy Visual Novel Featuring Wolf Girls Lands On Steam April 20th
Wolf Tails Visual Novel

Razzart Visual recently announced that their sexy, NSFW visual novel, Wolf Tails will launch on Steam starting April 20th, 2018 later this week.

The high-quality VN is about two wolf girls that invade the life of the player-character, for whom players are able to choose as either a male (for a hetero relationship) or a female (for a yuri relationship) when interacting with the two hotties.

Wolf Tails

The story is themed around a princess of a wolf pack named Mirari, who runs away from the pack and hides out in the storehouse that belongs to a loner who recently moved out into the snowy forest in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. After discovering Mirari in the storehouse, the player-character invites her in to stay in the cabin until she recovers from the chill factor.

Mirari, however, makes herself at home and doesn’t want to leave the cabin. This causes Mirari’s guardian, the hot-headed Fuyu, to come looking for her. Fuyu attempts to get Mirari to come back to the pack while Mirari refuses, forcing the player in between the two.

You can check out the art in the trailer below to get an idea of the quality of the CG work that has gone into Wolf Tails.

Like most other visual novels, you’ll have two different romance routes in Wolf Tails to pursue, either going after the meek and spirited Mirari, or pursuing the feisty and loud-mouthed Fuyu.

Depending on the choices you make will determine what sort of ending you end up with in the game. To help spruce up the presentation there are also animated sequences featured throughout Wolf Tails to introduce the characters.

Wolf Tails – Fuyu

Obviously the game will be censored for its release on Steam, but I imagine that it won’t take too long for the uncensored patch to be made available for most gamers ardently seeking some hot sexy-time from their wolf-girl waifus.

You can actually keep track of Wolf Tails and its April 20th release by visiting the Steam store page.


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