Wormhole Wars Adds T-Bag Confirmed Mode Following PAX East Controversy
Wormhole Wars
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2018)

1047 Games announced that Wormhole Wars has a brand new mode currently in the works called T-Bag Confirmed. It’s like the Kill Confirmed mode from Call of Duty, only this time around you can only confirm the kill by tea-bagging your opponent, bobbing up and down by slamming your junk in their face.

The developers confirmed the news with a tweet and a short clip from the upcoming mode, which you can check out below.

You’ll be able to preview the new T-Bag Confirmed mode this Sunday on April 15th.

The mode came about after rumors spread that a development company at PAX East earlier this month demonstrated a game that featured tea-bagging, and that allegedly a developer team-killed a female game journalist and tea-bagged her.

This rumor originated from Michael Futter and Amanda Farough back on April 8th, 2018.

The duo claimed that they would be contacting the publisher about the incident, since they felt that it was unprofessional for female game journalists to get tea-bagged in first-person shooter games.

Some people pointed to the developers behind Wormhole Wars as being the culprits, but the developers later came out on social media claiming that it wasn’t them, mostly because their presentation of the game at PAX East consisted of pre-captured gameplay footage.

They later posted that they weren’t accusing Farough or Futter of lying about being tea-bagged at PAX East, but that Wormhole Wars certainly wasn’t involved.

Making light of the whole tea-bag situation is definitely a good way to go about it and an equally good way to take the negative press and turn it into something positive.

If you need to see more of Wormhole Wars before you commit to checking out the alpha test on Alpha 15th, you can scope out nearly 20 minutes worth of gameplay courtesy of a video hosted by PC Gamer.

If you want to participate in the alpha test you can do so by accepting the invites through the Discord channel.

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