Ace Combat 7’s Demo Is Said To Be Both Satisfying And Amazing

According to Szymon Radzewicz, a writer for the Spider’s Web, he had the chance to attend Cenega’s press show not too long ago. At the event, Radzewicz was able to play a demo of Ace Combat 7, which happens to be one of the many upcoming Bandai Namco games set to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One this year.

Radzewicz pretty much gave his impressions on what he thought was fun, bad and interesting while at the event playing Ace Combat 7. The full piece in Polish can be read over on

As for Ace Combat 7‘s campaign, Radzewicz claims that it is very interesting. He briefly explains that the plot isn’t just about two factions battling it out, but it’s about much more:

“The campaign is very interesting, and the plot becomes more than just two factions using aerial machines. However, it is a shame that during the event I couldn’t see ground targets. The whole mission took place high in the clouds.”

Speaking of clouds, the game has different types of volumetric clouds and some of them can be used to hide from enemies. According to Radzewicz, some clouds can cause traumatic effects, too:

“There’s a lot going on in this game. It’s not just about fighting, but the whole scope of it all. Take for example when I flew into an unusually thick storm cloud for the first time. My jet-fighter began to tremble so much that I was genuinely afraid that it was going to fall apart. Engine vibrations combined with camera effects gave a great feeling that something bad was going to happen. This emphatically reminded me that mother nature still has something to say about jet-planes of modern-day.”

If you are not the type to run away from enemies using clouds, your mounted guns will do just the trick against your counterparts. However, Radzewicz feels that the game needs more explosions and solar flares:

“Using the front guns to fire at enemies is a lot of fun. It is a pity that enemies do not blow apart as dynamically as before. As for explosion effects, gunshots, hull piercing and so on, Ace Combat 7 could do with J.J. Abrams and Michael Bay’s touch a bit. More solar flares, bigger and brighter explosions. After all, AC7 is not a realistic simulator anyway.”

It’s worth noting that Ace Combat 7 isn’t out yet, so a lot can change regarding special effects and other visual dynamics, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Moreover, Ace Combat 7 will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but from the playtest, Radzewicz claims that the PS4 version through PSVR will have special/exclusive missions for said tech:

“The game for Sony’s platform will have an additional set of missions played exclusively in virtual reality. I went through one of them and I have to admit that I’m delighted.”

Radzewicz continued and noted:

“I’m delighted because Ace Combat 7 on PSVR works really well. Missions in the cramped cockpit are really immersive. You can feel the power of a jet-fighter and how it feels to be locked in a tight space. Making a barrel roll among dense clouds, with water particles running down the windowpane, is an experience that the “normal” game can never offer. It is worth giving VR a chance for such an experiences.”

As much fun Radzewicz had with the PSVR set on while playing Ace Combat 7, he felt disappointed to know that every mission at this point doesn’t support VR:

“I’m disappointed, because unfortunately not all of Ace Combat 7 is compatible with PSVR. PSVR users will get just a handful of special missions that are not part of the single-player campaign. What a disappointment. It is a pity that Bandai Namco hasn’t made all content PSVR compatible, as done with Dirt Rally or Resident Evil 7. Ace Combat 7 would be one of the best VR games ever to appear. I have no doubt about it. Extremely wasted potential. It hurts.”

Furthermore, Radzewicz claims that Ace Combat 7 channels older Ace Combat gameplay, features a lot of satisfying moments and offers a great VR experience. He also notes that there is a lot of game modes to play, local co-op to indulge in, and online play:

“Old-school gameplay, a lot of satisfying moments and a great VR experience. In addition, there are various multiplayer modes, as well as online multiplayer and co-op on one screen.”

Finally, Radzewicz concluded by saying that he was once indifferent to Ace Combat 7, but now he wants to finish it. He also hopes that Bandai Namco will ship a public demo so that others can play it, too:

“After running into this title I am sold. I hope that the publisher will opt for a public demo so that you too can try the game. After playing the game myself, Ace Combat 7 is amazing.”

You can look for Ace Combat 7 to release this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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