Agony Gains New Succubus Teaser Trailer, New Game Plus Announced

Madmind Studio is shaping up to release Agony later this month for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but before its May 29th debut comes the new Succubus teaser trailer and the announcement of new game plus.

There is no denying that we are in the middle of Agony’s promotional hype. Madmind Studio has been pumping out small clips of the game and has provided a list of information leading up to its official release.

In addition to the above, the latest piece of content joining Agony’s promotional campaign offers a slight look at the cunning Succubus, which is joined by the announcement of new game plus.

You can get a small glimpse of Hell and the poor soul left to meet with the dangerous Succubus right here:

Not too long ago, it was announced by Madmind Studio that Agony will take 12 hours to beat and has seven different endings to explore. However, it looks like the new game plus could coincide with all seven endings, adding a twist to each playthrough.

The information announcing new game plus can be found below.

At the end of the tweet, it was teased that new game plus is not the only thing waiting for you, implying that there is even more to uncover. Something worth noting is that on April 24th Madmind Studio said the campaign is not the only feature nestled in Agony, so it seems there is a lot to discover.

Agony will make its debut in the next three weeks, which means that all mysteries and hidden secrets housed in Hell will be unleashed at the end of this month.

For more information on this game, you can head on over to its Steam page or As mentioned above, Agony will debut on PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One come May 29th.


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