Agony Gameplay Walkthrough
Agony Gameplay Walkthrough

Madmind Studios’ Agony is now available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The game is a journey into hell and players who have been looking forward to playing the crowdfunded game can dive in right now. For those looking for a little help and guidance, there are some walkthrough guides available for Agony.

YouTuber Shirrako has up a playlist for Agony, going from start to finish. You can check out the playlist below.

The game has a very short cinematic, explaining that the main character must follow a road toward the Red Goddess in order to understand the never ending cycle of agony.

At the start of the game you can choose to either play on easy, normal or custom. The custom game allows you to turn on gameplay aids to help you along the way.

After you start the game and enter into the game world, you’ll need to follow an ethereal figure across the bridge and check the fire in the center of the room by pressing ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or Square on the DualShock 4.

Head through the door, grab the purple heart on the ground, place it in the weight at the altar. Head back down the steps and follow the purple light down into the hole.

Take the soul mirror from the purple creature in the wall. You can press ‘A’ on the Xbox controller or ‘X’ on the DualShock to jump. Move through the tunnel and take the purple heart on the stone slab, along with the torch. Burn the wooden cage and then go talk to the little man in the cage.

He’ll reveal that you’re Amraphel. Burn the little man after he goes on a foul-mouthed tirade.

Once you take the second heart and the cage is burned away, follow the pathway back up the steps toward the altar where the scale is. Put the heart on the scale to open the door and proceed into the next chamber.

Be sure to take a torch with you.

Proceed through the chamber and take the forbidden fruit from the tree. You’ll be able to unlock new abilities from the skill tree menu.

You’ll need to hop down and possess a damned creature. You’ll need to create a a straight line between yourself and the creature. Align the node so that the green light is straight enough, and some red effects will indicate that you’re possessing him correctly.

Next you’ll need to save your game at the purple tablet and then go over to the sigil on the ground to memorize it. Proceed to go over to the purple tablet with the heart symbol on it and the sigil will reveal the markings you’ll need to trace, as indicated in the image below.

Your next task will be to escape from the mind maze by collecting all of the skulls.

Use the purple nav markers on the screen to locate the four skulls. One of them is by a structure with torches, another is located on the opposite corner of the map. Move along the outer edge of the maze to reach the destinations, but beware of the demons that prowl the structures of blood and bone. The second skull isn’t too far, it’s just past the burning golden statue through a small slit in the maze wall.

Keep in mind that if the demon catches you, you will die. However, the game will not end. When you die you’ll need to use your possession ability to possess another lost soul wandering around the area.

The last skull is kind of far out from the gate but you’ll need to move through several corridors where the floors are covered in broken bones to reach the skull.

Once you get it, take it back to the purple altar and place it in the hands to scale the wall and reach the top.

When you get to the top, examine the painting and then make your way out to the center of the pit.

Move around the edge of the pit and there’s a demon blinded by the lightning. Push the demon into the pit to avoid it and then make your way into the room with the purple light. There’s a statue pointing to a streak of purple light, climb up the light and make your way toward the little man with the babies. Ask him about getting out and then you can either watch him crush the skulls of babies with rocks while the baby brain matter spills out onto the ground, or you can keep going.

Agony - Infanticide

Make your way to the room with the statues and there’s a rock on the right side of the room with a chalice like sigil. Look at the rock to memorize the sigil and then go over to the tablet for the door to paint the sigil on the symbol in order to proceed.

Make your way through the corridor and then look at the painting on the wall of Jesus falling into the pit. Memorize the painting and then use the torch to burn a hole through the wood to make your way back to the pit.

Make your way around the edge of the pit going to your right and then there’s a room directly next door. It will lead you to another light pillar that you can climb up – follow the purple pillar all the way to the next level of the pit.

Be sure to watch out for the demon to avoid getting gorged.

Head into the room to your right and at the back of the room there’s an exit you can move through along with a statue you can collect.

Take the statue and proceed through to the next room. There’s a bunch of cages, giant hands and another purplish light pillar that will lead you down to a checkpoint.

Behind the skeleton gate there’s another statue for you collect.

Be warned that if you move forward there’s a demon that will jump down and kill you. You can stop and hold your breath, but in all likelihood you’ll probably die. Don’t worry, there’s a not-so-fresh body you can posses in the spider chamber.

You’ll need to collect all skulls from the open iron maiden torture statues and and return them in the blood altars.

Be wary, there’s a shadow monster moving around the chamber. After you collect all the skulls, make your way through the T-shaped door with purple light.

Follow the pathway until you reach another little man. You can ask him about what’s required to get out of the pit. Move through the corridor and a cinematic will play where you’ll end up getting killed by the shadow monsters. You’ll then need to move into the next room and take control of a giant monster demon, kill the shadow monsters, die, and then move through a tunnel and take control of another poor soul standing and facing the a bunch of stone faces giving each other STD-laden French kisses.

The Wall of Seduction

Make your way through the tunnel and past the hanging body. Hop down the platform and follow the purple light and leave your body to hop into the next lost soul on the opposite side of the chasm.

Proceed to leave your body and enter into the next body on the other side of the chasm, and then jump over to the next ledge.

Follow the sexy demoness through the tunnels but don’t come face to face with her.

When you attempt to go across a spiked area, a short cinematic will play with the sexy demon chick and you’ll get a nice big ‘ole screen full of her milk machines.

Once the cinematic ends, proceed through the tunnels until you reach a tormented soul being tortured in some liquid. There’s a vine-like substance you climb up to reach the next area.

Head across the chassm and up onto the platform where the flags are located.

Examine the painting on the wall and then make your way up the vine-like pathway lined with skulls. It’s just to the right of the giant golden statue.

Take the labia-apple on the ground and exit from the Temple of Pleasure and into the The Guardian of Light.

There’s an altar with a Baphomet-style statue in the lack of candles. In the next room there’s a gate you can burn down with the torch. Inside there’s a heart. Take it.

Place the heart in the altar.

Be careful, some shadow monsters will chase you. You’ll need to look at the sigil on the back of the wall behind the statue. Memorize the sigil and then go paint the sigil on the locked door. Inside is another heart.

Take the heart and then place it on the altar, which will then cause a demon boss to emerge from the Baphomet-style figure at the altar.

Run and hide from the demon once it stands up and grab a torch. Run back and forth between the tight crevices between the rocks to force the demon to reach through the crevice. When it attempts to reach through, proceed to run around behind it and use the torch to set it on fire.

Make sure there are enough martyrs who are unmasked in the area so that if you die you can easily possess one. Just run up to them and press the activation key on their head to remove the mask so that they will be susceptible for your possession.

Rinse and repeat leading the boss around the area and burning it in the back when it attempts to reach through the cracks in the rock structures. After about four times you will finally defeat the boss and it will fly away, leaving a hole in the ground that leads to a new passageway down into a secret chamber where another demon is roaming around. If you have enough power you can possess the demon.

Alternatively, adjacent to the room where the boss was, there’s a hole that opens in the floor that takes you to the next area, where a big ‘ole nasty, demon orgy is taking place.

After the cinematic sequence you’ll end up in a new location where you’ll need to follow the Priestess toward the Red Goddess.

YouTuber RabidretrospectGames has a walkthrough of the game as well, which you can check out below.



The Dark Forest

Head through the forest and avoid the monsters in the ground, such as the giant snake like creatures. Make your way across the light marsh filled with bodies reaching out from the ground. There’s a checkpoint there as you travel through the wallowing forest of despair.

There’s a small lake you’ll need to travel across. Head toward the lightning field where there are lost souls and snakes wandering about. Be careful, there are a lot of monsters and dangers about.

I have to admit, the forest is rendered like a perfect hellscape and it’s a very frightening atmosphere. Kudos to Madmind for being able to creatively bring such a terrifying place to life.

Make your way across the bridge with the giant skull on the other side. You’ll need to dodge the giant monster that keeps popping up from the ground, but luckily you can run around him.

Once you cross the bridge you’ll enter the The Eternal Fire.

Make your way toward the checkpoint and then proceed down into the cave just next to the checkpoint.

There’s a statue to collect and a painting to examine just beyond the burning tree.

There’s also a torch you can take near the roots of the burning tree.

Burn away the thickets at the base of the purple vines and then climb up until you reach the top.

There’s another painting you can observe next to the throne and giant bleeding skull.

Head over to the pit covered by the sticks. Use the torch to burn away the sticks and hop down.

Proceed through the thicket of dismembered hands reaching out and you’ll reach another checkpoint at the Tower of the Goddess.


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