Agony Uncensored Patch Will Not Be Available Due To Legal Issues
Agony Censorship

Madmind Studio issued a press statement over on the Steam community page, noting that the uncensored patch that would enable several additional seconds of footage to be on display in two out of the seven endings will not be available.

In the statement they explain that due to legal issues they will not be able to release the patch to the public, not even for PC gamers. They write…

“[…] due to legal issues, we are not going to be able to release the Adult Only patch. However, that content does not affect the game in any significant way because the deleted material that was supposed to be added in the latest version of the patch is from two endings (out of seven) and some scenes that may be unlocked only after the end of the game. We are going to publish a comparison video on May 30th, 2018 so you will not miss out anything.


“Please bear in mind that leaving this content uncensored would result in the game being banned and us, Madmind Studio, being sued. That would simply lead to the studio being closed. Obviously, we don’t want this to happen and we hope that you understand it.”

They don’t explain what the several seconds worth of content is, but they do reveal that you’ll be able to see the uncensored bits in a video trailer that they will upload separately.

They go on to say that much of what was going to originally be in the uncensored patch is actually in the normal version of the game, and they have a list of the content that managed to get approved by PEGI, ESRB, and other ratings boards without stepping into Adults Only territory, which would have effectively barred it from being sold on the PS4 and Xbox One:

  • Gore
  • Brutal Sex Scenes
  • Lesbian and Gay Sex Scenes
  • Genital Physics
  • Eye Gouging
  • Heart Plucking
  • Children Heads Exploding
  • Setting Fire to Martyrs and Demons
  • Intense Violence
  • Strong Language
  • Drugs

Some gamers were absolutely livid at the idea that the game would be censored in any way, even for legal reasons.

One user, going by the handle of Loli, was not impressed with the explanation given by Madmind, writing…

“So, you lied over and over and betrayed backers for money and people are supposed to forgive you for it? You waited untila DAY before release to announce this. People are rightfully mad. Also, I sure as hell didn’t see any of those demons do that in streams I was watching. They just did the kill animation. but I guess I could have missed it. You also really have no excuse, and should probably just offer refunds to backers.”

Some gamers are wondering if the block on the patch ties into Steam’s current block on uncensored patches being distributed to turn all ages games into 18+ games. Others wondered if it was due to the console manufacturers not wanting an official patch available on PC for an ‘Mature’ rated game that officially turns it into an ‘Adults Only’ title, which are not allowed on Xbox One or PS4.

Either way, we’ll find out exactly what was censored once Madmind Studios releases the video. Some gamers are happy that they managed to retain the demon sex scenes and the homosexual content, while others are disappointed that any sort of censorship had to take place at all.

Madmind had mentioned in the past that they didn’t want to censor the game but if they hadn’t then they wouldn’t have been able to release the game on Steam, PS4 or Xbox One. While some people say they would have been fine with this, it would have created another legal conundrum where Kickstarter backers who pledged funds in hopes of getting the console version would have been fresh out of luck, and fresh out of a game.

Agony releases May 29th, 2018.

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