Anthem Developer Mike Jungbluth Apologizes For Denigrating TotalBiscuit’s Death
Anthem Mike Jungbluth

Anthem’s senior animator, Mike Jungbluth, recently apologized for his crass comments that he made denigrating TotalBiscuit posthumously. Jungbluth posted up his apology via Twitter on May 27th, 2018.

In the tweet, Jungbluth wrote the following.

If you’re unable to view the tweet, it states…

“I am beyond sorry for the offensive comments I made about the passing of John (TotalBiscuit) Bain. There is no excuse for my behavior. Speaking out against someone in the way I did is something I will always regret. My comments are entirely a reflection of me at my worst and most certainly not a reflection of the views and values of my colleagues at BioWare and EA. I apologize to everyone I hurt during the difficult times they are facing and I offer my full respect and condolences especially to John’s family and frineds. [sic]”

Many felt the apology came across as forced and corporately approved. Over on the Anthem sub-reddit, many noted that this seemed like something done to distance Jungbluth’s comments from any sort of public representation of BioWare or EA as a whole. To date, Casey Hudson, the general manager of BioWare, has not made any comments about Jungbluth. Hudson did, however, address the comments made by David Crooks, who also worked at BioWare, distancing the company from Crooks’ defamatory statements about video game critic TotalBiscuit.

Jungbluth had made similar comments as Crooks, posting up the following tweets back on May 25th, 2018.

Jungbluth wasn’t the only developer from a major game design studio to speak ill of the dead. There was also Harrison G. Pink from Blizzard Entertainment, who helped spread and share some nasty tweets from a certain Shane Wilson Butler, who spared no quarter to textually attack TotalBiscuit after his death. It was later discovered that Butler was a convicted child pornographer, and he was spreading defamatory comments about TotalBiscuit that weren’t true.

These sort of postmortem attacks on the YouTuber and content creator left a foul taste in the mouths of many gamers.

Last year BioWare suffered another huge PR setback when a former developer for the company who worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda, named Manveer Heir, made racially disparaging remarks in public, leading up to the release of the game. Many, at the time, swore off supporting BioWare or Mass Effect: Andromeda due to Heir’s comments. The game ended up tanking in sales for a number of reasons.

Even with Jungbluth’s apology, some longtime BioWare fans have already sworn off supporting Anthem. It’ll be a true test of their resolve if they can maintain that stance by the time the game releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2019.


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