Atomic Heart Gains New Screenshots Ahead Of Its Second Trailer

Atomic Heart is a game about an alternate universe that sees the Soviet Union at its peak, creating state-of-the-art robots and tech. P-3, a special agent, experiences an unsuccessful landing on Enterprise 3826 and is trying to figure out what went wrong. Publisher and developer Mundfish reveals a glimpse of Enterprise 3826 in a new batch of screenshots.

According to Atomic Heart’s lore, the workers of the facility of Enterprise 3826 tell of mind-boggling, horrible rumors. Tales of an experiment conducted by Dr. Stockhausen claim that he resurrected the dead in an abominable state. However, the robots stationed around the facility have gone awry, too.

The protagonist, P-3, is sent to investigate the strange happenings at Enterprise 3826 but experiences a mishap when trying to land, and now must solve a serious conundrum.

Luckily, we get a glimpse of Enterprise 3826 thanks to Mundfish posting up six new screens of the place’s surface.

“Enterprise 3826 was located not only underground, it also had many buildings and various objects on the surface.”

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The goods news is that these screenshots arrive ahead of the upcoming trailer that’s currently underway. A few weeks ago, a fan wanted to know the state of Atomic Heart and Mundfish replied that an updated trailer will be coming in a few weeks.

Furthermore, Atomic Heart will be playable using a VR headset or without one. The first-person shooter is currently in development as we speak and is reportedly shaping up well as of this moment. However, you can take a look at Atomic Heart’s older 2017 trailer to see what the game has to offer ahead of its new trailer.

Right now, Mundfish has not come forth with an official release date for Atomic Heart. All that is known is that Atomic Heart will release sometime this year for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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