The Banner Saga Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch May 17th
The Banner Saga Nintendo Switch

Two big news items dropped recently for Stoic Studios’ crowdfunded tale of love, loss, preservation and pilgrimage. First of all, The Banner Saga will be making its official debut on the Nintendo Switch starting May 17th. If you have a Switch and you’ve been curious about playing the game, it’s coming to the Nintendo’s console later this month. Secondly, there’s a brand new trailer available for The Banner Saga 3.

So before we hop into the trailer, let’s first talk about The Banner Saga coming to the Nintendo Switch. The single-player, story-driven narrative is pushed forward by a strong cast of characters, many of whom can actually die, so your decisions and choices throughout the game – both in and out of combat – will have long-lasting, and permanent effects on various characters who join your party. You’re not only encouraged to play well and play smart, but to play with the possibility in mind that everyone you hold dear in your party may not make it out alive in every single combat encounter.

The first game originally came out back in 2014, after being one of the original hits during the Kickstarter boom. The game follows a caravan of Vikings as they journey to the ends of a dying Earth while a ravaging species known as the Dredge hunt them down at every turn. It’s a heartbreaking story that doesn’t pull any punches, and the 2D roto-scoping animations and isometric turn-based combat will likely appeal to fans of old-school film animation as well as lovers of mid-fantasy fused with realistic consequences and circumstances.

Switch owners will be able to take part in the original award-winning Banner Saga starting May 17th.

Moving on, there’s also a new trailer for The Banner Saga 3.

The trailer covers one of the fantasy races in the game, the horseborn. They’re a race of centaur, with lower bodies of a horse and the upper presence of a man. The horseborn have joined in on the clash of war between the Dredge and the humans, and the Dredge and the varl.

With everything at stake and trouble brewing between the tribes, players must make life or death choices in situations that will greatly affect the outcome of the remaining survivors of the caravan.

You can look for The Banner Saga 3 to wrap up the trilogy and complete the story on July 24th, for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. You’ll also be able to acquire a DRM-free version from over on


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