Battery Jam Graduates From Early Access On May 17; Switch Version In Development

Battery Jam

Halseo’s Battery Jam is like a colorful mix of Bomberman and Splatoon… or so says the press release. The game originally came onto the scene at the start of the new year, when it entered into Early Access on Steam for PC. The action-party game themed around destructible arenas, power-ups, and colorful combat has been available for $9.99 so far, but soon it’ll be available in its final form when it graduates from Early Access on May 17th.

When the PC version set to launch in full, Halseo also took time out to announce that they’re currently working on porting Battery Jam over to to the Nintendo Switch, which is set to launch soon.

Gameplay is themed around taking control of the color-coded tiles, and being the last one standing with the most tiles in your possession. Other players or NPCs won’t let you take a victory without putting up a fight, though, so there’s a frenetic pace of trying to take the tiles, beat your friends, and win the match.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

As you can see, the Splatoon elements come into play with the whole tile-changing floor patterns, but the Bomberman aspects come into play by being able to punch and move around the blocks in order to stun, disable, and destroy your opponents while also simultaneously changing the floor tiles.

If you’re quick enough with your reflexes, you can block incoming blocks, and push the boomboxes back toward your foes, creating a dynamic contest of who can land the explosive counter to change the tide of the match.

The game will launch with two modes, Class Jam and Team Jam. The first mode is a free-for-all while the second mode pits two players against two other players in an orange vs blue match.

There’s also handicap options, local co-op or PvP, and online multiplayer modes, in addition to standard PvE gameplay.

Fat Bard has put together 11 songs for the soundtrack, and some of their past credits include Crashlands and Battle Chef Brigade, so if you were into the tunes in those games you might like the music in Battery Jam.

As noted in the Steam community post, the full version of Battery Jam will cost $14.99 when it graduates form Early Access on May 17th. So if you were interested in a game like this, it might be wise to pick up a copy now before the price goes up by $5. For more info you can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.