Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Evolves Turn-Based Tank Combat On PC
Battle Fleet Ground Assault

Mythical City Games recently launched Battle Fleet: Ground Assault on Steam for PC gamers. The turn-based strategy game offers gamers a highly in-depth strategic opportunity to take part in classic World War II missions across a number of historic battlefields.

The game captures many of the same gameplay elements present in the previous Battle Fleet, including tactical turn-based gaming where players will have complete control over every single one of their units on the field. The game even allows you to manually aim and fire the turret cannons in the game.

Unlike other turn-based titles out there, the tactical elements of Battle Fleet: Ground Assault go way beyond simply having a generic health bar that you whittle down on units. You’ll have track health, engine health, armament and ammunition to keep track of. The added micromanagement for each unit means you have to be smart about how you deploy your forces in the field.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

As showcased above, the added element of environmental destruction means that you can approach different scenarios using different kinds of methods to overcome your enemies. This means that shortening your path to a destination can be done by punching a hole through a building. Or you can block off a path or create a diversion by leveling parts of the city. Different shell types and armor will also determine how effective you are at taking out your opponent’s armor while keeping your own units alive.

Also, unlike most other World War II games out there, you can play either as the Axis or Allied forces. You aren’t forced to just play as the “good” guys this time around.

The game sports a number of modes, including the single-player campaign mode, the random skirmish mode, cross-platform multoplayer, and hotseat local multiplayer.

The game sports 20 different tanks to choose from, multiple ammo types, and a variety of different maps and strategies to utilize. Oddly enough there’s also VR support on the way for those of you with an HTC Vive, Oculus or a Windows Mixed Reality set in your possession .

You can learn more or pick up a digital copy of Battle Fleet: Ground Assault by visiting the Steam store page where the game is available for $19.99


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