Battlefield 1943, A Real Battlefield Game, Now Backwards Compatible For Xbox One
Battlefield 1943

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb announced via Twitter that Battlefield 1943 is currently available right now for the Xbox One as a backwards compatible title. Unlike the upcoming Battlefield V, the backwards compatibility of Battlefield 1943 will enable Xbox One gamers to play a real Battlefield game and not the propaganda-laden mess set to release this fall for home consoles and PC.

Battlefield 1943 joins other Battlefield games from the Xbox 360 era, including Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 1943 originally came out back in 2010 for the seventh gen consoles. The game is also available from the Xbox Store for just $9.99. The game features 8-vs-8 battles on moderately sized maps, featuring jeeps, tanks, and air support, just like the other Battlefield games.

If you don’t remember what the gameplay was like, there’s a video below courtesy of ShoSho to give you a quick overview of one of the good Battlefield games before DICE succumbed to the racist and sexist ideology of Social Justice Warriors.

This is a true and through game, no disabled, lesbian, black Nazis with robotic arms, or Africans from Europe wielding Japanese katanas while fighting on the front lines of Norway.

For everyone absolutely tired of all the diversity agendas from Leftists and you want to a good old-school shooter with respectable content that pays homage to World War II, you’ll likely want to check out Battlefield 1943. If you already own the game you can carry it over from your Xbox Live account, or if you want to purchase it for the Xbox One you can pick up a copy from the Xbox Store.

Also, be sure to keep your system clear of that propaganda-fest due out this October called Battlefield V SJWII.


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