Battlefield V Short Clip Offers Slight Insight On Factions And Squad Spawns

EA and DICE have released a new short clip of Battlefield 2018 or Battlefield V, which depicts a soldier standing over another getting ready to take him (or you) out. However, the video reveals some interesting things about the next installment for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Battlefield’s YouTube channel has been updated, which interestingly holds an unlisted trailer that is titled “Battlefield 5 Teaser Trailer.” You can check it out right here:

If you don’t know, I’ve played Battlefield 1 and can confirm that a lot of the UI and classes remain the same. However, there are some changes made to the game that can be considered different much like the health being at the bottom center instead of the bottom right.

We can also see that Squad Spawns are still a thing, but it’s unclear if the mechanic is as atrocious as the first iteration of Battlefield 1’s Squad Spawns or if it will be like the new fixed version? Time will tell with that.

As for the bottom left corner, we can see names and classes. Firstly, we can see that Fnotte is a Support player, Gammeldansken is a Medic, Noken is a Scout, and Kton happens to be some mysterious upside down V class. It’ll be interesting to see if this year’s Battlefield sports a new class or if EA and DICE are playing with the community?

Furthermore, the two teams battling each other can be identified, too. We can see that the British symbolized by the Union Jack flag (top-center left) are going up against the German army, which can be identified by the Iron Cross (top-center right). Lastly, we can also see in the bottom right corner that the soldier has 19 bullets in his firearm and zero reserve ammo and no grenades.

While we wait for May 23rd to roll around, you can play detective and pull more from the following image of Battlefield 2018 or V.

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