Battlefield 5 Design Director Added Female Soldiers So He Could Be On The Right Side Of History
Dan Verlin Not My Battlefield

DICE design director, Dan Berlin, recently hopped into the official Battlefield sub-Reddit to run damage control following the disastrous debut of Battlefield V via the official reveal trailer, which spawned a community revolt in the form of #NotMyBattlefield. He talked with the community about some of the features in the game, including why there are disabled female soldiers on the frontline in Battlefield V.

The comments were spotted by ResetEra who had to dig through the post to find them, given that some of Berlin’s statements were heavily downvoted due to what he had to say. Regarding the addition of the female soldiers, Berlin wrote

“I knew this was going to be a fight when i pushed for female soldiers in Battlefield. I have a daughter, and I don’t want to ever have to answer her question of “why can’t I make a character that looks like me” with “because you’re a girl.”


“I fundamentally feel to my core this is the right way and I will find myself on the right side of history.


“And I think many people will play the game despite their reservations. And maybe learn something about either history or themselves. That is part of the making games art.”

This was a very unpopular opinion in the thread, and others countered his statement by asking why they didn’t take a more historical approach by including real-life female soldiers from World War II, such as Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the OSS spies, or the Night Witches.

The question about Berlin’s lack of respecting and being inclusive toward real-life female soldiers went unanswered, as Berlin opted not to respond.

Others also asked exactly why now they decided now to force the message about female soldiers being in Battlefield, especially when in the past DICE opted not to add them – even to multiplayer as an option – after some gamers requested for them to be added. Berlin responded by stating

“I can’t speak for that timing, I know personally that I wasn’t in a position of enough influence to make it happen. I also know a lot in society has changed and for me personally I grew up a bit and looked at the world with new eyes. From within the industry we’ve seen so much male domination, for whatever reasons, and I work for a studio and a company that recognizes the value of diversity in what we do as game makers. That’s been a big deal for me also.


“Sometimes just enough things come together to make it happen. It felt like an inevitability. The excuses were running out and the support was there… so it happens now.”

Well, now that it happened a lot of people are not pleased with how it happened.

Many have stated that the depiction of a black European samurai during World War II, a Kratos cosplayer, and a British female with a prosthetic limb that functions like a bionic arm was all too off-putting for them. This resulted in the reveal trailer for Battlefield V being downvoted more than upvoted.

It currently sits at 273,000 likes to 307,000 dislikes after 8 million views.

When confronted about the fact that people dislike the trailer, Berlin stated that

“I take every single downvote on our trailer as a vote of someone still interested in the series and the game.


“It’s not hate that I fear. It’s apathy”

While he may not care about the hate, I’m sure the shareholders at EA certainly do… especially if it affects EA’s fiscal performance.

Right now the company is reeling from a lot of bad press, especially coming off an EA Motive and former BioWare employee making defaming remarks about TotalBiscuit, and the fact that some gamers are still displeased with EA over how they handled Star Wars: Battlefront II, and the fact that some people are leery about Anthem after the studio received a visit from Anita Sarkeesian.

We’ll see how well EA will be able to run damage control and attempt to fix the public perception of Battlefield V when the EA Play event takes place this June during E3.

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