Battlefield V Has Gone Full SJW And Gamers Hate It, Spawning #NotMyBattlefield

DICE and Electronic Arts have managed to get gamers to start trending #NotMyBattlefield. The upcoming first-person shooter’s first gameplay trailer makes it a priority focus put the point across that DICE has gone full SJW. The developer has made forced diversity one of the main promotional elements of the game, and repeatedly shoving in player’s faces that they’ve been listening heavily to the corrupt, anti-gaming media outlets who are intent on destroying the interactive entertainment medium.

In the latest trailer for the game we see a multicultural squad of soldiers assaulting a house and being shot up by the enemy. One of the recurring themes in the trailer is to highlight a woman with a missing arm somehow fighting in the thick of battle. Yes, there’s a disabled woman fighting on the battlefield in World War II… and the verdict is still out on if she’s a lesbian, but given today’s politically distorted promotion of degeneracy and regressive policies, don’t be surprised if she’s a one-armed, disabled, lesbian.

It’s an off-putting display of historically disturbed fantasy.

In case you missed it, you can view the trailer below.

This trailer is a sordid depiction from people who either have no regard whatsoever for the integrity of the Battlefield franchise, or a company who is trying to cater to a demographic who absolutely hate the history of Western values.

It should go without saying that a large percentage of gamers were not amused with DICE distorting their beloved franchise to appeal to the Social Justice Warriors. The like-to-dislike ratio was more than proof of that.

The bar keeps moving closer and closer towards a higher dislike ratio than a higher like ratio. Over the course of just 15 minutes the dislike bar shot up by 13,000.

The comment section has already been trending the #NotMyBattlefield hashtag after seeing the abomination in play.

It’s not just YouTube that’s giving DICE and Electronic Arts slack for turning the Battlefield franchise into a battleground for polemic feminist propaganda.

Despite trying its hardest to suppress the views of angry gamers, the #NotMyBattlefield tag is still gaining support and strength as gamers continue to make it known that this isn’t what they signed up for.

Even the voice of the people, the knight of neutrality, the face of fence-sitters, Erik Kain had to chime in with his disappointment for Battlefield V.

The Forbes contributor rightfully called out DICE and Electronic Arts for turning the Battlefield series into a cartoony, completely unrecognizable shooter that seems to be aimed at the Tumblr crowd more than the fans who actually enjoy first-person shooters.

The addition of handicapped females and black European soldiers with Japanese swords has set red flags off everywhere.

People were already peeved at the experimental weapons featured in Battlefield 1, but now DICE has gone way off the deep end, catering to the kind of people who openly hate gamers and video game culture.

Even outside the #NotMyBattlefield hashtag, fans of the series are making their voices heard that they hate what DICE is doing to the franchise by ruining it with SJW politics.

It looks like whatever goodwill EA and DICE built up with the fanbase for Battlefield 1 is completely gone now with Battlefield V.

This appears to be an easy win this year for Activision and Call of Duty because – despite forfeiting the addition of a single-player campaign in Black Ops 4 – at least the game isn’t trying to push sociopolitical propaganda down the throats of gamers.

Apparently Electronic Arts didn’t learn a thing from Bethesda and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, nor did they learn a thing from Mass Effect: Andromeda. Don’t be surprised if Battlefield V ends up tanking in sales and forcing DICE to either close a studio or put the brand on ice for a while. But getting off to such a cold start means that they’ll be dealing with negative impressions from gamers from here all the way until Battlefield V releases this fall.


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