Battlerite Will Receive A Battle Royale Mode This Summer

Battlerite Royale

Stunlock Studios announced that a Battle Royale mode will be added to their MOBA PvP game this summer. The Battle Royale mode for Battlerite will feature up to 20 players in an island deathmatch map where only the strongest will survive.

The top-down MOBA will allow players to battle it out using ‘W’, ‘A’,’S’,’D’ controls where they must engage and wipe out 19 other champions in order to secure victory.

The matches are only 10 minutes long, and you’ll be able to select from the roster of 27 champions when it comes to picking who you want to take into battle.

Johan Ilves, the marketing director at Stunlock Studios commented on why they decided to add a Battle Royale mode to Battlerite, even though they’ve already managed to rack up 4 million registered users, saying in the press release…

“With a top-down Battle Royale mode we’ve set out to bring the ultimate survival experience to Action RPG and MOBA players. We want to give players the excitement of a Diablo-esque exploration experience combined with the character variation of a MOBA and the thrill of a survival game. That said, I think anyone who’s looking for a fresh and different take on the Battle Royale genre will have a blast.”

There will be two modes available at start in the Battlerite Royale mode, including a free-for-all where everyone will fight to the death and the last man standing will be declared a winner, and there’s a duo-mode where two players will be teamed up with each other and the last surviving team will be declared the winner.

Battlerite Sage did a video on the new mode, discussing the ups and downs of Stunlock following in the footsteps of Epic Games and PUBG Corporation .

We don’t have any footage at all of the new mode, just the splash screen in the header image above that shows one of the champions falling down from the sky toward the ground below.

We’ll likely have to wait closer towards the summer release before we get some proper footage of the last-man-standing mode in action. Until then, you can check out Battlerite right now over on Steam as a free-to-play MOBA title.

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