BioWare’s David Crooks Mocks TotalBiscuit’s Death After YouTuber Dies Of Cancer

Mass Effect: Andromeda programmer, David Crooks, decided to quickly hop on the opportunity to mock and deride John “TotalBiscuit” Bain an hour after he died in a losing battle to terminal cancer.

The Electronic Arts and BioWare employee decided to use the opportunity to virtue signal to fellow Social Justice Warriors how glad he was that TotalBiscuit died. Forbes’ Erik Kain spotted the tweets and made it known that EA and BioWare’s supposedly “progressive” employee didn’t mind disgracing the recent dead, especially if they stood on the opposite end of the culture war spectrum.

If you follow the archived link through to the tweet, you’ll see that at 4:45pm, May 24th, 2018, Crooks tweeted out the following.

Crooks goes on a rant, including denigrating #GamerGate because it took to task many unethical outlets that have published libelous content and falsehoods in order to push their own sociopolitical agenda. Crooks wrote…

“[…] Who could forget his endorsement of gamergate? And feeble attempts to spin it as just about “Ethics in gaming journalism”, while blissfully hopping onto other malicious podcasts, etc working overtime to slam women and minorities?


“Or, was it really a lack of self-awareness? Downplaying threats against Anita S saying “guess they weren’t credible because she’s still breathing” and the like? Maybe suggesting white privilege isn’t REALLY a thing because where he grew there were impoverished white folk?


“His voice and the irresponsibility with which he wielded it without apparently much care from him – or if he did, it was too little too late – has hurt a multitude of people along the way. He’s pissed me off in a dozen ways, but at least I’ve never been threatened by his force.”


“I’m saying this for myself but I might as well be saying this for those who were (and still could be).


“Fuck that guy nine ways to sunday, and good riddance to bad rubbish.”

After ethical journalists like Erik Kain broadcasted Crooks’ comments to those outside of the SJW echo-chambers, Crooks quickly protected his account, making the tweets publicly inaccessible.

If you notice, Crooks also removed from his profile that he works for Electronic Arts in the BioWare division.

A cached archive of his profile reveals his original biography, where it states that he’s a programmer for Electronic Arts and previously worked on Star Wars: Battlefront II and Mass Effect: Andromeda. This coincides with his LinkedIn profile, which states that he’s worked as a programmer for BioWare since 2011.

So far, Electronic Arts hasn’t made any public statements about their employee being glad a video game critic died to terminal cancer.

However, Crooks isn’t alone in his postmortem mockery of TotalBiscuit. Various others within the Social Justice Warrior community are also mocking the YouTuber after the 33-year-old died to cancer.

Twitter users captured screenshots of SJWs attacking TotalBiscuit shortly after his passing.

Electronic Arts, DICE, and BioWare have been courting those kind of people above – attempting to cater their games toward so-called “progressives” who have no qualms with bullying those who suffer from terminal cancer.

EA’s attempt to cater to that crowd last year with Mass Effect: Andromeda did not turn out so well, and the game failed to sell well. EA is still trying it again with the upcoming Battlefield V, which is still aimed at the so-called “Progressives”, the same people who have latched onto the Social Justice Warrior community and the same kind of people who mock and denigrate those who suffer from cancer, such as EA’s own employee, David Crooks.

[Update:] BioWare general manager Casey Hudson has issued a statement, claiming that David Crooks no longer works for the company and he doesn’t represent BioWare as a whole.

Some users also asked Hudson about another Electronic Arts employee, Mike Jungbluth, who also took part in shaming and defaming Totalbiscuit, posthumously, with a series of tweets on May 25th, 2018. However, as of the time of this writing Hudson has not addressed Mike Jungbluth’s comments.

(Thanks for the news tip Erik Kain, Rod Breslau, and Lyle)



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