Bless Online Character Creation: How To Make Waifu-Worthy Females
Bless Online Character Creation

Do you need help making hot females in Bless Online? Are you in need of a guide to help sculpt the perfect pristine beauty in Neowiz’s latest MMORPG? Well, there are a few videos available that help you craft the perfect looking female characters in the recently released MMO.

If you need help creating waifu-worthy female characters, the first guide from Blonde Viking offers you 24 minutes worth of crafting and sculpting in order to create the perfect character. You can check out the video below.

The video above focuses mostly on the eyes, eye-shadow and eye lashes. If you want full eye lashes go into the eye liner, and then increase the density, line start, and corner totation slightly above normal.

As you can see, you don’t want the density too high otherwise it’ll be too thick and look weird. If you want seductive eyes highlighted with seductive eye-liner, go with the the last selection on the list.

If you want eye-lashes that help make the character’s eyes look full, you’ll want to go with the selections on the last row. If you want eye-lashes that make the character look sultry, you’ll want to go with the eye-lashes on the first row.

You can also change the iris, lens and pupil of the character.

Bless Online Character Creation - Eyes

If you want them to look freaky you can go with any of the other patterned designs, but if you want them to look normal, simply stick with the large normal lens circles.

For the lipstick color, you’ll want to choose something that offsets the facial tones of the character. Just remember, if you’re going for innocent than go with lipstick that matches the skin tone. If you’re going for slutty – ehh, sultry, then go with a more contrasting lipstick color that’s bright, such as pink or red. For dark or goth characters, black or purple lipstick is a good option.

You can also change the gloss on the lipstick. If you want to give your character kissably sweet lips, give the gloss more highlight.

For the blush, the idea would be to only add enough color to give the cheeks a rosy flavor. If you overdo it then your character will look more whore than waifu.

You’ll also be able to change the character’s body properties. Youtuber Ame goes through some of the characteristics, which you can view below.

When it comes to hairstyles, you’ll likely want to choose something that befits the kind of theme you’re going for with your waifu. Is she an innocent youngster? It might be best to go with a playful hairstyle. Is she older and classy? It might be best to go with something sharp and striking. Is she shy and dangerous? It might be best to go with something sleek and reserved.

From there, you can then select the eyebrow style, the nose type, the lips, ears, jaw and chin. Once you select the basic structure you can also refine them using the proportional sliders.

Some of the proportional options include:
Muscle Mass
Body Fat
Head Size
Neck Length
Arm Thickness
Arm Length
Hand Size
Breast Distance
Breast Size

Depending on how you plan to make your waifu, depends on how you’ll want to slide the dials. Remember, muscly amazons will be tall and muscular. Lolicons will be small and thin. If you don’t want your character looking like a trans then you’ll want to make sure her hands and feet aren’t huge.

Bless Online Character Creation - Breast Size

You’ll also be able to change the character’s facial features as well, modifying traits such as:
Eye Position
Eye Size
Eye Length
Eye Width
Eye Corner
Eye Angle
Brow Ridge
Nose Position
Nose Size
Nose Tip
Nose Tip Width
Nose Bridge
Nostrils Height
Nostrils Size
Mouth Width
Mouth Size
Upper Lip
Lower Lip
Mouth Corner
Ear Size
Ear Length
Ear Width
Ear Flap
Chin Size
Jaw Length
Jaw Angle
Jaw Size

Now if you’re going for an anime-style character you’ll want to raise the eye size, and angles, giving them slightly larger than real life features.

If you’re going for a more realized character with a demure presence, it might be best to slightly lower the eye corners and eye width to give her a more innocent look.

If you want that sexy, smoky look, you can shrink the eye length and raise the eye corners so she captures that vintage, exotic visage.

If you’re going for an anime-style face, rounder jaw-lines are probably what you’re going to want to go for. If you’re going for a more realistic look, then sharper jaw-lines with a pointed chin will net you the kind of character you want.

Once you get done modifying the basic sliders and putting all the right makeup on your waifu cutie, simply save it and enter into Bless Online. Congratulations, you now have a hot chick as your main playable character.


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