Bless Online Dev Update Showcases Class Combat Ahead Of Steam Release

If you’re into Korean MMORPGs and seek to play one soon, publisher Neowiz and developer Neowiz Bless Studio aim to release Bless Online sometime in 2018 for PC via Steam in the West. In an attempt to create buzz around the game, the devs released new class gameplay trailers ahead of its Steam release.

Bless Online, according to the devs, offers a variety of content like RvR battles, field PvP, dungeon exploration, field raids, monster taming, and the ability to choose your side and story.

Character creation is also a thing and can be looked over right here thanks to YouTuber Nocht.

As for the latest update post on Bless Online’s Steam page comes Dev Talk #04. The post explains the following:

“As Bless Online’s Steam EA release is fast approaching, we know that many of you are curious about the 5 classes available in the game. In an effort to help you familiarize yourself with the different class combat styles, we have prepared a little preview! In addition to specific combat-related details on each class, we are also sharing class gameplay introduction videos so that you can see each class in action.”

Something worth noting is that names for skills, effects, resources, and stances may not represent everything in the final build.






The dev update, later on, elaborates that each class has its very own unique combat style — pretty much like any other MMORPG — which differs depending on what technique or skill is at play.

Bless Online combat system is said to be flexible enough to suit each player’s playstyle. However, time will certainly tell with that. Additionally, the devs suggest that players should give each class a try once (that is when the MMORPG is out) since the game is said to be a little “challenging.”

Bless Online is set to release in 2018 sometime soon for PC via Steam.