Bless Online’s Early Access Launch Woes And Censorship Trigger Cavalcade Of Refunds
Bless Online Censorship

Bless Online may only be a few days old, but it’s already tiresome enough in the accounts of some gamers that they’ve decided to ask for refunds.

After entering into Early Access on Steam, Neowiz’s Bless Online was met with a lot of anticipation, plenty of high expectations, and the eventual result of a lot of disappointment.

Server instability, server unavailability, game crashes, bugs, lots of pay-to-access services, and general accessibility and playability teething issues have rendered most gamers inauspicious toward Neowiz. In result, gamers are seeking refunds. More to the point, they’re organizing refunds like some sort of gatherers on the pioneering outreaches of a digital frontier. The game’s rating is currently “mixed”, with more sentiments geared toward the negative reviews than the positive ones.

Over on the Bless sub-reddit, use woclord explained how gamers can request refunds for any of the versions of Bless Online they’ve paid for, so long as they’ve purchased it within 14 days and played for less than two hours…

“Help=>Steam Support=>Purchases=>Pick your edition=>Select a reason.


“Stuck on title screen worked, poor translation might work too.


“Do not believe the bless mods on steam telling you refunds are not allowed on steam for funders packs, it’s a blatant lie.”

Gamers are noting in the thread that they’ve been able to successfully get refunds for the game, some of whom managed to play well over two hours worth… rather, spent more than two hours trying to play after the game’s servers prevented them from actually getting into the game.

Other gamers have been warning them away from the English version of Bless Online, which has been censored heavily in order to fit within the ‘T’ for ‘Teen’ rating doled out by the ESRB. The developer replied to a user on the forums, notifying them that all the bare breasts and uncensored sex scenes from the Korean and Russian versions of the game would not be making the cut in the English version…

“This game has been censored to comply with the local laws of countries along with meeting Steam standards. All have different requirements. We wanted Bless to have a T rating to reach as many users as possible. Some content had to be changed to secure the desired ratings.”

How bad are the sex scenes? Well, nothing too bad. It’s ‘M’ rated territory for sure. You can view the NSFW sex scene below, courtesy of YouTuber Gary Bowles.

Unfortunately for Americans, they had to end up with the neutered version of the game as Neowiz attempts to reach a “broader” audience. It seems to have backfired on them, though.

Bless Online is currently available on Steam Early Access for $29.99.


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