Blood, Bugs And Bullets Attempts To Bring Starship Troopers-Style Combat To VR
Blood Bugs and Bullets

4iLab Studio’s upcoming first-person sci-fi shooter, Blood, Bugs and Bullets, is a high-octane action game that seems to want to capture some of the hardcore carnage and exposed cartilage that helped make Starship Troopers an iconic piece of sci-fi media.

The Belarus developers originally designed Drunk or Dead, which was about a guy who could only survive a zombie apocalypse by becoming inebriated to the point of staving off the zombie infection while also blowing the heads off of zombies.

Blood, Bugs and Bullets has a more traditional approach to the fist-person shooter genre, focusing more on tactical shooting and teamwork as opposed to relying on gimmicks. Then again, some people might say that VR is the gimmick.

You can see oh-so-very briefly what the gameplay is going to be like with the teaser trailer below.

The trailer only showcases a group of foul-mouthed soldiers dropping in on a pod and stepping out onto the battlefield ready to face down against the aliens. Before they can really do anything a blurry, flying bat-turd swoops across the screen and rag-dolls one of the soldier’s to death. Before the player-character can press ‘F’ to pay respects, he’s already facing down against another incoming, glowing bug-alien.

Another brief clip showcases the player-character in a turret, shooting wildly at some of the flying aliens, as well as the silhouette of a giant alien bug emerging from the ground. The final clip is an alien getting rattled and pelted with gunfire but still having the wherewithal to leap forward and eat the face of the player.

According to the press notice, Blood, Bugs and Bullets will have its full unveiling take place at the DevGAMM Moscow event in Russia.

The only thing the press release states is that the full version of the game will be a positional VR shooter played across massive battlefields where you’ll work with comrades in arms to take down the menacing alien bugs.

Two demo missions will be on display at DevGAMM Moscow, but don’t expect to see this particular VR shooter hit digital shelves for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or the Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets until the fall of 2019. For more info feel free to visit the official 4iLab website.


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