Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Update Covers Quest And Mini-Game

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an upcoming 2.5D platformer which is set to release for PC via Steam and GOG, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Switch. One of the latest updates that IGA released via Kickstarter covers quest and the spin-off mini-games.

Quests will be a thing in Bloodstained and like any other game flaunting them, they will grant you special rewards upon completion. According to IGA — who posted up a letter and mockup image showing the quest system — villagers will be one way for players to take up quests and gain some extra goodies and useful items.

The letter that IGA published can be found over on, which lies below:

“Hello everyone, this is IGA.


For this month’s update we would like to explain the quest feature. We’ve already shown you the village where Dominique and Johannes have opened their shop and alchemy room, respectively. The village was destroyed by the demons from the castle, but the remaining villagers have gathered in a safe haven nearby. These people have their own troubles — let’s help them out!”

Speaking of helping villagers out, the mockup splash showing the quest in Japanese and English can be looked over right here.

The above image does not represent the final build, but according to IGA, it stands as something that gamers and fans alike can use to get an idea how the system will likely look at launch.

Speaking of mockup art, IGA also shared an image of the villagers to be in the final build of the game. From left to right we have Lindsay, Benjamin, Harry, Abigail, and Suzy.

IGA made mention that troubled villagers, like Lindsay, need your help and will give you some handy stuff if you see their quest(s) through to the end:

“Let’s take a look at Lindsay, and the troubles she’s facing. She holds a grudge against the demons that killed her close friends. In order to avenge their deaths, she asks Miriam to kill certain types of demons. She might even ask her to kill a rare demon… She has a habit of saying, “Kill that murderer dead!” There are other villagers like her that need our help. Let’s help these villagers and obtain rewards.”

Furthermore, the update post covers the spin-off mini-game and what is currently going on with it at the moment. You can read what IGA has dubbed “Retro Spin-Off Game” is shaping up to be below:

“I’d also like to update you on the retro mini-game. There have been some changes from the time we started the Kickstarter campaign; originally, the mini-game was supposed to be a story that took place 10 years prior to the main game, but we’ve decided to have it take place in a different part of the lore.


The story for the mini-game was developed based on the world of Bloodstained, but it should be enjoyed separately as a spin-off rather than a prequel story. We will have more details very soon, so please look forward to it. [Fangamer note: Mini-game platforms are now unlocked in eligible reward surveys! Please choose your platform as soon as possible.]”

Last but not least, you can either head on over to to read the full update post or you can look at a new enemy named Decarabia by hitting up the given link.


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