Cobra Kai’s Anti-SJWism Helps Expose The SJW Agenda Of Star Wars, Says Reviewer
Cobra Kai SJW

YouTube review outlet Geeks + Gamers reviewed the YouTube exclusive series, Cobra Kai. In the review he notes that it’s a well-written series that respects the original lore of the Karate Kid without pandering to today’s sociopolitical-entrenched social media activists or the Hollywood producers who kowtow to their demands. He notes that the show is actually quite politically incorrect thanks to the lead character not being a stereotypical archetype that we’ve seen from most male characters depicted in today’s television series and movies.

The most interesting part about it is that Geeks + Gamers points out that a lot of people contacted him about Cobra Kai, saying that they really enjoyed it because it made them reminisce about how well it connects to the original Karate Kid from 30 years ago. This also tied into viewers complaining that they wish that the newer Star Wars films were treated with as much respect to the classic lore as Cobra Kai treats the original Karate Kid films.

At the three minute mark he discusses how Cobra Kai actually helped people see how much they don’t like the new Star Wars, saying…

“Now why are people resonating with [Cobra Kai] so much? Well, it is great on its own. There’s no doubt about that. But I think there are a couple of circumstances that are playing into all of this, and that is, number one: Star Wars.


“Star Wars fans are the ones that messaged me to tell me about this because of the frustration with the Last Jedi, and the fact that there is so much political messaging – just tell us the continuation of the story. Respect the mythology, respect the story, tell us about the characters, give us some insight into the future, but make sure we’re still holding on to the past. And that didn’t happen in the Last Jedi, and it’s very frustrating.”

He’s not wrong.

In fact, while his review was posted up on May 9th, 2018, earlier this month and ahead of the launch of Solo: A Star Wars Story, his comments about disgruntled Star Wars fans turned out to be prophetic.

Further to the point, many fans have become so angry and discontented with the way Disney and LucasArts are handling these new Star Wars films they’ve been discussing and mobilizing active boycotts of the new films. The boycotts have manifested into real life financial consequences for Disney, because Solo: A Star Wars Story practically bombed over the holiday weekend, opening quite low given its bloated budget and literally tanking out of the gate in China.

With some of the filmmakers actively going out of their way to either rewrite the Star Wars canon or undermine characters by turning them pansexual, it was just a matter of time before they began giving up on the Star Wars property. According to Geeks + Games, seeing well written shows like Cobra Kai that respected the legacy of the original films helped fans of Star Wars see that LucasArts and Disney have no respect for Star Wars, and they have no respect for the fans.

Geeks + Gamers also mentioned that Cobra Kai isn’t trying to be a political, and this is what makes it so good…

“I’m so enthusiastic about it. And Johnny, he’s so – and it’s not even forced – he’s just so anti-SJW and anti-[Politically Correct]. And it is so damn good. And it makes me so happy that there are filmmakers out there that still have the balls to actually tell a story without driving a political agenda or political narrative.”

Cobra Kai is currently available right now as part of YouTube Red’s streaming service. Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters right now, but you probably already knew that, which is why you’re at home reading this article instead of watching the movie in theaters.


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