Code Vein Gains 20 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Bandai Namco still has Code Vein listed for a 2018 debut for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. While we play the waiting game until we learn more about the action-RPG’s release date, exclusive footage from a YouTuber has surfaced that clocks in at 20 minutes in length.

According to YouTuber Oroboro, we learn that he was flown out to Bandai Namco’s office to playtest Code Vein. And while he was at the company’s office, he managed to capture a large chunk of gameplay footage.

Oroboro describes Bandai Namco’s upcoming game as a mix of Nioh and Dark Souls. It’s interesting to see Nioh thrown in there given that most people never link Code Vein with it.

“A huge thanks to Namco Bandai for flying me out to their offices and letting me try out the game! It plays a lot like Nioh, but includes many elements from Dark Souls. It looks like they really have something special here and now after having played it I’m super excited for the full release!”

The video that Oroboro posted up while over at one of Bandai Namco’s office sits below.

While it’s nice to see more gameplay footage of Code Vein, it would also be nice if Bandai Namco dropped the release date for it. As of right now, I’m assuming the company wants to hold out until E3 2018 to unveil the game’s release.

Since we only have less than a month to go before E3 2018, the wait time isn’t that atrocious. Hopefully, Bandai Namco will show us even more stuff like character customization options at the event.

In addition to the above, I think we only got to see a handful of custom character videos and the rest have been the same gameplay videos or screenshots.

Anyway, you can look for Code Vein to drop sometime this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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