Comic Book Retailers Collude To Bar The Sale Of Jawbreakers Comic

Some comic book retailers have apparently been colluding ahead of the release of the Jawbreakers comic in order to agree not to carry the comic when it’s time for the comic to be distributed across various retail outlets later this year.

The Jawbreakers comic book is being made by Richard C. Meyer, the owner of the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel. The comic managed to rack up $205,121 over on IndieGoGo in crowdfunding, and there are plans to ship Jawbreakers to backers and make it available this upcoming August.

However, it appears as if Jawbreakers may not be appearing in some retail outlets according to messages that were sent to Richard C. Meyer revealing that some retailers are colluding together not to carry the comic.

In a series of tweets shared by Meyer, we find out that various shops around the world may not be stocking Jawbreakers when it does become available. Bruno Batista from the Big Bang comic book shop in Dublin Ireland started a thread asking who would be putting out issues of the crowdfunded comic book this fall.

Megan Rae Jordan from Atlantis Fantasyworld in California also had some interesting things to share regarding dragging publishers around if they attempted to carry Jawbreakers.

Wess Gregg from the Birmingham, Alabama Sanctum Tattoos and Comics agreed with another publisher about “dragging” anyone who has plans on dealing with Meyer in a “professional” capacity.

Heather Harris McFarlane from Magic Mirror Comics in Bothell, Washington also chimed in to concur with her peers, stating that she would “drag and dunk” them as loudly as possible.

In another post shared by Meyer on the Diversity & Comics Twitter account, we see that some of the retailers will be forfeiting giving customers an opportunity to even pick up the Jawbreakers comic book.

If the FTC investigated this and there’s any confirmation that these retailers actually colluded to not carry the comic book, then it would be an anti-trust violation. As colluding for the purpose of being anti-competitive is against the law.

This all stems from the fact that Meyer uses the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel to properly criticize many of the current Marvel and DC comics and point out some of their sociopolitical propaganda and pandering.

Many Social Justice Warriors have been going after Meyer and attempting to shutdown his Patreon account or falsely accuse him of things he didn’t do, or attempt to get him thrown out of comic conventions.

It appears the latest antics involves attempting to block the sale of his crowdfunded comic book, Jawbreakers.

I did reach out to some of the individuals from the retailers pictured in the images above, and if they respond the story will be updated to reflect their comments.


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