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A Tale of Paper

Contrary to what you’d readily presume, playing a bipedal origami figure in a human-sized world isn’t all that inconvenient.

Yeah, perhaps you’ll need to be more than a little cautious around pools of water. Also the fact that vacuum cleaners come with an intelligence of their own could pose a considerable problem, but besides these?

If taking the stairs feels like too much trouble, folding yourself into an origami paper frog helps with multiple flights all at once. Need to get to the bottom floor just as quick? Roll yourself into a ball and take the drain pipe to the bottom or better yet, jump off the roof in paper planes why not.

I woke up willing to permit myself only a few minutes of this rather imaginative contemplation but ended up spending well over half an hour; A Tale of Paper is free to play after all and demanded my attention as one origami Paperboy sought to fulfil his creator’s dream.

I’m yet to complete the tale, but my time with its five or so chapters thus far have been interesting from a game-play perspective. Bedrooms, vents, attics, pits and roof tops appear natural enough in their designs while the puzzles themselves are just the right amount of challenging.

These latter are environmentally based, meaning Paperboy has to contend with navigating locked doors, leaky roofs, broken flights of stairs and eight-legged creators among other things. To make life easier, Open House Games gradually teaches players to make of Paperboy origami frogs, balls and paper planes over the course of the adventure.

These can be done/undone at the flick of a button, and often have to be combined in traversing more complex scenarios. A Tale of Paper’s ambience meanwhile presents itself in the form of minimally orchestrated sounds, liberal checkpoints and no death/game over per se, making for a moderately relaxing affair apt for the likes of

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