The Council: Episode 2 Gameplay Walkthrough And Choices
The Council Episode 2 Walkthrough

Big Bad Wolf and Focus Home Interactive’s second episode for The Council has arrived for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers. You can get your hands on The Council – Episode 2: Hide and Seek right now for home consoles and PC. It picks directly up where the last episode left off, so you’ll be able to import your save and keep playing from where you last finished the story.

Now keep in mind that this game has a lot of branching narratives and choices, so it’s important to note when going through some of the walkthrough guides that sometimes not every choice may perfectly reflect your gameplay experience.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s hop right into it. You can check out the first part of Episode 2: Hide and Seek courtesy of YouTuber Video Game Sophistry. He starts the episode applying some stats to the main character before things get heated.

Now keep in mind that equipping manuscripts in the game adds to certain skill proficiencies, and this helps in being able to weave and navigate, as well as influence and countervail conversations. So, it should go without saying that you’ll want to acquire as many manuscripts as possible littered around the house so that you can upgrade certain skill points.

Once you get done applying the skills, hold down Square on the PS4 controller or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to start the episode.

The episode starts with Lord Mortimer talking with Louis. You’ll be able to ask about the disappearance of one of the guest or let him speak.

The Council Episode 2 - Lord Mortimer Steps Out

Before Mortimer can continue, however, he steps away to discuss a matter in private. You’ll be able to wait or search the study in the meantime.

You won’t be able to gain much while they’re gone other than some Carmelite Water. It’s best to wait since they’ll only be gone for a few seconds before returning and starting up a confrontation where they accuse Louis of killing Elizabeth Adams. If, however, you have no Carmelite Water in your inventory, it’s best to use it during the first stage of the confrontation.

Gregory will accuse Louis of having killed her and the Carmelite Water opens the option to ask if Elizabeth is actually dead, managing to evade the accusatory nature of Gregory’s inquisition.

Diverting the accusation will allow you to successfully pass stage 1 of the confrontation.

The second stage of the confrontation will center around asking about where Elizabeth is, if your politics or diversionary levels are high enough you can re-route the conversation, otherwise you can suggest that she may have gone to her sister’s place. If you say you don’t know, then you will fail.

Mention that Elizabeth feared seeing Louis’ mother, and that it was the reason why she may have left the island.

Mortimer will continue talking to Louis about his mother, asking where she might be or why she might not be present on the island.

You can also ask about whether or not Sarah was helping the captain or if she were selling arms. Mortimer will ask about the buyer that Sarah planned to meet and who was the dealer that they encountered during the scuffle in Episode 1. When Mortimer asks about the dealer’s name, his name is Von Borchert.

If you have at least some points in politics as a erudite, you can talk to Mortimer about the Tsars and the Crusades.

Mortimer will finally reveal that Sarah shot Elizabeth Adams’ sister before running off.

Once the conversation ends, go upstairs and into the room just opposite of Mortimer’s study. Inside the room there’s a bezant on the desk, along with a disk on the ground by some covered furniture near the window.

Some royal jelly can be acquired from atop the marble fireplace.

Inside the fireplace there’s also a burnt parchment that offers Louis a riddle to solve, and the revelation that someone inside the manor is working with her as an accomplice.

Go over to the locked and attempt to open it. The key will fall to the floor. Use the disc to retrieve the key and open the door.

If you have a skill in Subterfuge you’ll be able to uncover a clue with the painting in the room with Saint Paul.

There’s also some honey on the stand just below the desk, along with a Devil’s Thorn on the desk perpendicular to the painting of Paul.

You’ll find a bible from Gutenberg on the marble hewn nightstand between the two windows, where you can study some of the passages – read about the apostles so you can figure out that Paul is not an evangelist.

In Romans Chapter 11 Verse 11 of the bible, Sarah will have a note for Louis and she will reveal that there’s something special hidden behind the youngest apostle.

Hebrews Chapter 6 Verse 8 also has another message from John’s mother, Sarah.

In Revelations Chapter 12 and Verse 14 you’ll also find another hidden message.

The next message is located in the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles under Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 10 Verse 8. You’ll also unlock a theologian skill.

If you have enough points in Subterfuge you’ll also be able to pick lock a small chest on another fireplace.

After figuring out the coded messages, Louis will attempt to decipher his mother’s message regarding the reference to the “Nightmare”.

Whether you decipher the message or not, Mortimer will ring for all the guests to meet in the small salon.

Heading toward the salon, Louis will talk to Emily – you’ll be able to talk to her about your mother’s disappearance and the messages left or you can use your diversionary tactics to route her away from the truth.

You can then talk to Emily about Louis’ vision of Sarah killing Emma, and if you do so she will acknowledge that she already knew about his mother killing her sister. You’ll also gain a skill for honesty.

During the kerfuffle, you’ll be able to intercede or say nothing. If you have any points in psychology you can calm things down, but if you have any points in erudition you can mention that it’s important to think about The Order. Alternatively, you can stay silent.

The Council Episode 2 - King of France is Dead

Once Mortimer leaves another Confrontation will begin with Wollner, and you’ll have an opportunity to find out what he knows.

During the first phase, if you have a point in diversionary tactics, you’ll be able to redirect Wollner’s curiosity. Also it’s revealed that Wollner is associated with Von Borchert – you can lead Wollner through the conversation using manipulation or psychology.

If you’re successful, you can accuse Wollner of working with Sir Gregory and he will confirm that he is indeed working with Sir Gregory.

You can talk to Napoleon, but he won’t have any useful information to share about the “nightmare”.

You can then talk to the priest about the “nightmare” but the only thing he’ll mention is the “horrible” painting hanging in Mortimer’s study.

If you go through the library you’ll find a book on the shelf, Atrus by the Miller brothers, which is a reference to Myst.

Through the hallway there’s an amber fragment on one of the furnishings just before you exit the room at the end of the hall.

Head upstairs to Mortimer’s study. There’s a chest locked by a four letter password. The password is: ZEUS.

You can take a few items from around the study, including a cherry.

You can also take some dark chocolate beans. Head to the painting behind the desk and examine it. Louis will discover that it’s on rails. Go over to Mortimer’s desk to activate the lever to raise the painting.

There’s a ring-lock that is exposed.

Talk to the bird in the cage and ask about Sarah and it will reveal a little bit about what happened in Mortimer’s study by feeding it a cherry.

The Council Episode 2 – Cherries

When you get done examining everything in the study, you’ll be able to enter the secret lair using tThe lock combination: 1191

Once you use the study combination code, you’ll be able to examine the items in the room, including a letter from John Adams about slavery in America, and you’ll find a note on the globe with a stone sword through it.

You can examine the maps on the wall, and you’ll also be able to examine the autopsy table of Mortimer to see his surgical tools.

Examine the block obsidian box by Gustav the skeleton.

Examine the microscope to discover another one of Mortimer’s immunities: science.

Go over to the desk and examine the tarot cards – if you have any skills in the occult, you’ll be able to examine the cards.

If you examine all of the equipment in Mortimer’s science office, along with the three 20-inch long nails, you’ll unlock a Methodical skill.

When you’re ready to exit, go to the door and use the code: 9499 (although technically since the numbers are flipped it will be 6466).

Your next task is to find the origin of the stone sword you recovered from inside Mortimer’s secret chambers.

The Council Episode 2: Chapter 3 – The Maze

At the start of the chapter you’ll be able to either spy on Piaggi or go search for your mother.

Louis will be asked to leave the conversation, even if you attempt to butt in, however, you can ask them about the stone sword in order to gain some inkling of information on the whereabouts of where to find the statue that the sword belongs to.

You can easily find out where the sword belongs to by going into the salon where one of the servants are located (the ones wearing the mask) and ask them about the stone sword – they will inform Louis that the sword belongs to one of the statues in the garden.

Head down to the first floor and move to one of the corner rooms to make your way outdoors and into the garden.

You’ll find Jacques Peru outside in the garden. You can speak to him about why he’s out there and if you exploit his weakness you can gain some insight.

Move into the garden where the statue is located. There’s a statue with a thread leading around the maze. If you examine the statue with the thread you’ll notice a crack in the statue long enough for a sword. Don’t place the sword in the statue.

Head through the maze and follow the thread into the center of the maze.

Along the way there are a few other statues, including Icarus and Daedalus, the latter of which also has a crack in it. Do not place the sword in the Daedalus statue.

There’s also a puzzle at the center of the garden with a switch that has a trap on it.

Place the sword in the heart of the Minos statue.

Go back to the maze and press in the switch to activate it.

A secret stairway will open up.

Louis will have another vision of Gregory before proceeding through the secret passage and meeting his mother.

The alternate pathway to the start of Episode 2 for The Council is vastly different.

YouTuber GamerrZombie has an alternate take on the episode, where at the end of the first episode Elizabeth Adams is murdered.

Instead of trying to find out where Elizabeth has run off to, you will have to examine Elizabeth’s crime-scene and discover how she was murdered.

Much of the rest of the episode stays the same outside of investigating the death of Elizabeth, which is one of the only major diverging differences that carries over from Episode 1.

The Council – Episode 2: Hide and Seek is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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