Deadpool 2 Succumbed To SJW Influence
Deadpool 2

If Domino being turned black in Deadpool 2 wasn’t enough of a dead giveaway that Hollywood wanted to use the irreverent super hero flick to continue the push the Liberal agenda through every single entertainment facet that they can stick their tentacles through, a recent interview with actress Brianna Hildebrand from Deadpool 2 reveals that even Ryan Reynolds was on board with tainting the franchise’s brand he helped popularize.

The interview was published on May 22nd, 2018 over on Fandom. It obviously contains **spoilers** regarding a relationship in the R-rated film. Hildebrand, who plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead, explained to Fandom how Reynolds and the producers routed her character into a lesbian relationship, saying…

“I had received an email from Ryan [Reynolds] that they were thinking about giving Negasonic a girlfriend and wondering how I felt about it. I was super excited,” she explained. “The only thing that I said was that I wanted to make sure that it was ‘normal,’ that it wasn’t made a big deal, that it was just kinda mentioned. I think they definitely did a good job doing that.”

Yes, the only Asian chick in the film was forced to become a lesbian in order to meet the checklist on the proverbial SJW Progressive Stack.

The Progressive Stack is basically the Liberal’s equivalent of the Bechdel Test. The “Stack” represents each race, sexual orientation, and gender, and where they align on the scale of oppression. Hollywood has been adapting movies to coincide with trying to “represent” what Liberals call “marginalized individuals” on the screen.

Deadpool 2 attempts to kill two birds with one stone by having not only an Asian chick in the film, but forcing that Asian chick to be a lesbian. So this way the producers (including Reynolds) can claim that they’re representing “marginalized” and “oppressed” individuals on screen.

In the interview with Fandom, Hildebrand is basically cornered into paying lip service to the character trait, explaining to the outlet that there was support from the LGBTQ community for the addition of turning her character gay…

“A lot of people in the LGBT community have been excited about it and I’m glad. I’ve been so excited and keeping it on the inside for so long that I’m super happy that this is finally happening.”

This has been a common occurrence with every single major motion picture brand that is either well established or well loved by fans. One of the co-writers for Solo: A Star Wars Story recently came out and explained that Lando Calrissian was “pansexual”, as a means of lessening the worth and undermining any qualities attached to portraying black, male heterosexuality on-screen.

This means that not only is the straight, white male demographic constantly under attack, but straight, black males seem to be next on the chopping block as well.

If they tried that with Arabs they would find their offices blown to smithereens.

But it’s not just white and black males being subjected to propaganda. Thor: Ragnarok featured a race-swapped lesbian version of Valkyrie, and now Deadpool 2 features a lesbian Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Essentially, just be aware that if you support Deadpool 2 not only are you supporting Hollywood’s continued trend to race-swap characters, but also their insistence on shoehorning in the Liberal agenda at every available opportunity.


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