Dear White People Appears On Steam, Gamers Call Out Valve For Supporting Racism
Dear White People

We recently received notice from gamers who spotted the streaming show Dear White People from Lionsgate on the Steam storefront. Gamers aren’t taking the issue lying down, though. They’ve already begun e-mailing and contacting Valve about why a show supporting racism would be allowed on the digital storefront.

One reader specifically reached out to Valve by contacting them and telling them that the content of the show is racist against whites. In the message they wrote to Valve they made it clear that they did not appreciate having racially divisive content on Steam, writing…

“why do you have dear white people on here? why is it being released in here and showing up on my recommended..IT is racist against white people and you have it on here lol wow..and ive been giving you money..nice to know where it’s going”

Surprisingly, Valve actually responded.

Support staff David C., responded to the gamer, stating…

“Thanks for your comments – we value feedback from the Steam community. I’m forwarding your comments on to the appropriate department.


“You can click “Not Interested” so it is not recommended to you.


“Additionally, if you wish to share an opinion, suggestion, or idea with the community as well, please visit the Suggestions/Ideas section of the Steam Discussion forums.


“This forum is regularly read by Valve’s development team.”

The forums for Dear White People is mostly empty, save a thread where someone is mocking the fact that Lionsgate is asking for $30 for the first season of the show.

The series first aired on Netflix, where it received overwhelmingly negative feedback for being racist against whites. The trailer above received massive amounts of downvotes for promoting racism.

As pointed out by the concerned gamers, they don’t want to see this kind of division-laced, sociopolitical agitprop flooding Steam.

The show originally appeared on Valve’s service on May 7th, but slowly it’s been making its way around the recommended section for some users, and it hasn’t been sitting well with them.

The concerned gamer made it known that there’s a hypocritical stance being exercised by Valve’s employees when it comes to certain kinds of content, writing…

“[…]what if it was a feminist or a trans complaining about straight characters in a game or how they were sick of seeing the women with gorgeous bodies on anime games(granted it is a picture)but when they complain about when they bring it up it gets taken care of in their favor. ME? I’m just told to click not interested so it’s not on there..[that’s] it.”

This is not untrue.

Valve recently began threatening to take down visual novels and dating simulators targeted toward the straight, white male demographic.

Conveniently, Valve did not go after games made by known friends of SJWs in the media, such as Christine Love. Love’s sexually explicit visual novel, Ladykiller in a Bind did not receive a takedown notice and was not targeted for removal, despite having uncensored sex scenes.

LadyKiller in a Bind

Gamers complained to Valve about the hypocrisy of their targeted censorship, which caused the company to partially relent by saying that they would not be immediately removing certain visual novels and dating sims, but instead would be reevaluating the games.

There is definitely a double standard being employed by Valve. Some believe it’s the new Campo Santo employees attempting to interject Social Justice policies into Valve’s ecosystem in order to further attack the straight, white male demographic, while others believe that Valve could be receiving pressure from SJW groups who want to strip the straight, white male demographic of the games that they enjoy.

If Valve opts to also reevaluate divisive content like Dear White People, GTA V, The Witcher and Ladykiller in a Bind, it may assuage some fears that gamers have of Valve being co-opted by sociopolitically-driven employees.


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