Destiny 2 Warmind Gameplay Walkthrough
Destiny 2 Warmind Gameplay Walkthrough

Bungie and Activision released the latest expansion content for Destiny 2 in the form of “Warmind” for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The content isn’t very large and isn’t very expansive, but if you were in a little bit of need of help with the missions featured in the latest update for the sci-fi first-person shooter, there is a Destiny 2: Warmind gameplay walkthrough guide available that covers the missions from start to finish.

YouTuber TheRadBrad has a two video gameplay walkthrough set available for Destiny 2: Warmind, which you can check out below.

The expansion takes place across Mars, you can access it from your world map to trigger the mission.

Once you start the expansion there’s a short cinematic, followed up by a CGI sequence featuring an Asian doctor and Guardian named Anastasia Bray who does some typical strong powerful female stuff that you would expect, all while rocking an SJW-compliant hairstyle.

After the cinematic finishes up, your character will land on the surface of Mars. You’ll need to follow the pathway around the ridge and into the cave. There are a number of Thrall enemies blocking your entrance into the cave. You don’t have to fight the first set of mobs in the cave – you can run through the cave and get past the trash mobs.

However, there are a number of Thrall Vanguards and other enemies that can absolutely wreck you. If you don’t feel you have the skills to run past the enemies without getting wiped, you can slowly kill all of them to reach the exit. It’s pretty easy if you’re with a party, but you’ll need to pace yourself if you plan on soloing the area.

Once you reach the end of the cave you’ll enter into Hellas Basin, the new patrol route.

Make your way across the valley and beyond the train tracks; there are a number of Vanguards and some sub bosses you’ll have to fight just beyond the trains.

Destiny 2 Warmind - Ana Bray

You won’t be able to progress until you defeat the sub-boss in front of the door. Once you defeat the sub-boss then a short cinematic will play that will lead you into the next area.

You’ll start in a rather thin alleyway but it’ll lead into a slightly larger area where you’ll need to kill everything in the Clovis Bray Research Facility. Kill all the enemies inside the facility and then access the computer terminal within the welcoming center.

Move through the doorway once it opens up and run through hallways that will lead you to the Mindlab for Rasputin.

As you move through the facility you’ll need to move up higher to reach the top. There are some enemies along the way but once you get up to the second or third floor, there’s a javelin subroutine you can pick up. The javelin is explosive, so once you get your hands on it just throw it in arcs and it will blow up everything at the target area.

Destiny 2 Warmind - Rasputin

Take out all of the enemies using the javelins until you reach the bridge area, and then another cinematic will play where Zavala will chastise the two Guardians for attempting to wake up Rasputin.

You’ll then receive your next mission, which is located back on Earth in the European Deadzone area. You’ll need to take a ghost to reach the waypoint, where you’ll then be able to start the mission titled “Warmind: Off-World Recovery”.

You’ll find it by the side of the road just off the path by a blue flag surrounded by shrubbery.

Once you start the mission it will put you back on the road and you’ll need need to head north and fight the Taken Blight.

If you’re soloing the area, you’ll want to use something like the Graviton Rifle to help make things easier for you.

When you clear out the trash mobs in the area proceed to destroy the Taken Blight Interference nests. It looks like a large void hive – keep shooting it until the interference is destroyed. Each nest will increase the completion percentage by 33%.

The first one is in a warehouse, the second one is just outside in a field, and the third one is just around the corner. Once you take out the three blight nests, follow the navpoint through the cave and take out more of the Taken forces along the ridges.

Head up the large ridge and scan the void crystal by holding down Square on the DualShock controller or ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller.

You’ll have to wait for Ana Bray to do some typical pointless stuff while you fight off a wave of enemies and defend the crystal.

Just stick around the general vicinity of the crystal and kill of the incoming Taken enemies.

Once you clear out a couple of waves a sub-boss will spawn near the tree in the lake.

Secure the traveler fragment once you defeat all the enemies to end the mission.

Proceed back to the overworld map and start the mission “Strange Terrain” on Mars.

When you get back to Mars head through the caverns. There are some additional enemies inside the caves. Again, you can run through the caves to avoid the enemies or you can pick off the enemies in a more tactically smart fashion to ensure they don’t start attacking you from behind.

Kill the Hive and they’ll drop an item you can pick up – your character hands will start to glow. You’ll need to use the power on the crystal to destroy it.

Proceed through the tunnel and take out the Hive Knights in the small lake. You’ll need to then take down a large group of enemies before proceeding through the tunnel and making your way deeper into the cave.

You’ll reach the Penumbral Depths as you attempt to follow Xol’s trail.

There’s a crystal and a bunch of enemies. Kill everyone around the crystal before moving through to the next area, which is a restricted strike zone. If you’re doing the mission solo, kill the trash mobs, take out the knights and then destroy the crystal so you can begin doing damage to the Herald of Xol.

After you do some damage, the Herald will raise his shields again and bring the crystal back.

Just like with the other crystal, kill the trash mobs, take out the knight, pick up the glowing yellow orb and throw it at the crystal to destroy it. Once the crystal is gone proceed to damage the Herald of Xol… again. Rinse and repeat this tactic until he dies.

Once the Hearld is destroyed, go to the center of the area and press Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller at the ritual site to place down the fragment. A short cinematic will play.

Proceed outside to the next mission, “Will of the Thousands”.

Follow the navpoint to protect Rasputin’s Warmind. It’s a long way away so hop on your Sparrow and follow the pathway through Hellas Basin.

Get inside the facility and then you’ll need to overload the system in Rasputin’s neural network. It’s flooded with tons of Hive enemies, so be sure to clear them out first.

Activate the terminal and then fire a heavy weapon at the neural network inhibitor to create a pathway further into the neural network center.

Again, be sure to kill all the enemies in your path otherwise they’ll prove to be very difficult when it comes to completing the missions.

Once you reach the second area, kill the baddies and then wait for Ana Bray to activate the javelin; use the javelin on the neural network capacitor to unlock the door into the next room.

Once again you’ll need to clear out all of the enemies and then blow up the core.

Move into the final room and Ana will provide you with the Valkyrie Javelin, which you’ll need to use to destroy the core.

Exit the room and continue to make your way through the access tunnels by following the navpoint. You can also use the javelin to just keep killing everything in your path. Proceed through Hellas View across the tunnel until the tunnel is destroyed by Xol.,

From here, you’ll need to face off against Xol in a classic chipaway boss fight. Wait for Xol to open his mouth up and fire off your rounds inside like your girl just closed her eyes and opened her mouth and you’re ready to do that word that rhymes with fizz.

After you take down the first bar of life, Ana will activate the Valkyrie Javelin for you. Use the javelin to take down its next bar of life.

Destiny 2 Warmind - Entering Rasputin

Be sure to stay out of Xol’s way when he begins sliding across the ground, otherwise it will kill you instantly.

Continue to dodge his attacks, avoid his sliding and shoot him in the mouth until he dies.

Another cinematic will play where Rasputin wakes up and says he’ll defend humanity on his own terms. You can head back to Zavala to get your reward for completing the mission.


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