Detroit: Become Human Endings Explained
Detroit Become Human Endings Explained

David Cage and Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human is one of the most talked about games for the PlayStation 4. Some call it Quantic Dream’s best game, others call it propaganda. For those interested in the game’s endings and story, this guide will help give you a brief idea of what Detroit: Become Human is about.

The game starts by showcasing the lives of three Cyberlife androids, Connor, Markus, and Kara.

The theme of the game centers around androids becoming  “deviants”, which is where they break away from their original programming due to strings of code that were designed to replicate human emotion. These “emotions” cause the androids to deviate from their host instructions by utilizing their own deterministic values. Deviancy is usually triggered by an event that causes the code to conflict with their given orders.

Within Detroit: Become Human’s lore, deviants are considered dangerous and are usually killed on sight or apprehended, disassembled, and examined.

Detroit Become Human - Kara in the Snow

Kara’s Story and Endings

Kara, a housekeeper who is abused by a straight, white male. After being beaten multiple times by Todd, her owner, Kara eventually decides to leave Todd and take Todd’s daughter, Alice. Kara can choose to take Alice violently by shooting Todd or leave without harming Todd.

Kara and Alice attempt to make their way way through northern Michigan in order to get across the border to Canada. Kara ends up meeting up with another deviant, a black android named Luther. Luther joins them after escaping from his owner, another straight, white male, who would capture deviant androids and experiment on them.

Kara, Luther, and Alice manage to meet up with a black woman that helps deviants named Rose.

Rose helps the trio reach Jericho, where Kara learns that Alice isn’t actually human but a child android. They attempt to acquire safe passage out of Detroit, but are caught in an FBI raid on Jericho, which results in Luther dying. The duo eventually make it out and attempt to get across the border.

Kara and Alice make their way through the Detroit checkpoints to get to the bus station. Surprisingly Quantic Dream portrays the U.S. Army as compassionate and understanding soldiers, who don’t know that Alice and Kara are deviants, but let them through to catch the bus.

Detroit Become Human - Leaving Todd

Before being able to get on the bus, Kara confronts Todd again, and it’s revealed that Todd’s wife left him after he lost his job to android workers when he began drinking and doing drugs. Todd’s wife took their daughter with her, leaving Todd alone. He bought Alice as a way to prove that he could be a good father, but he ended up abusing Alice anyway. Kara and Todd make peace, and Todd hugs Alice before the two leave.

Kara and Alice fail to acquire bus tickets, but Rose and her son Adam arrive and help escort Alice and Kara to a smuggler who promises to help them across the border. After making it across the freezing cold river, Alice and Kara hug as their journey comes to an end.

In the alternate ending, if Kara, Alice, and Luther decide to leave for Canada instead of staying in Jericho, they can all leave together at the bus terminal. If Kara and Alice fail to make it through the checkpoint then they’ll be taken to a recycling plant and killed.

Detroit Become Human - Robot Revolution

Markus’ Story And Ending

Markus was the servant of a painter named Carl. During his time under Carl’s ownership, Markus is given advice on how to be free and to think for himself. But when Carl’s drug addicted son causes Carl to die from a heart attack, police show up and kill Markus thinking he’s Carl’s killer.

As an obvious aside, the game ham-fistedly tries to use the android oppression in the game as an obvious allusion to Black Lives Matter, which is probably why the quality of the story degrades so greatly. It doesn’t help that Jesse Williams was a poor choice of an actor for the role and was greatly miscast. He also didn’t really do justice to bringing Markus to life on screen at all.

Anyway, after Markus is shot by the police officers, he’s dumped into a robot graveyard. Markus repairs himself, and discovers an Android haven called Jericho. While at Jericho, he works with other androids to steal parts, and to use his deviancy to convert other androids to his cause.

As Markus gains more influence and power, the Jericho revolutionaries begin freeing more Androids, and disrupting the peace. They take over a broadcasting station and announce their revolution to the world.

Detroit Become Human - An Eye For An Eye And The World Goes Blind

The media and police label the androids as American terrorists and begin violently taking them down. Depending on the player’s decisions, the androids can violently revolt and fight back.

Eventually the FBI find and raid Jericho, killing all the deviants they encounter. If Connor manages to reach Markus first then in one of the endings Connor can kill Markus and end his journey there.

Alternatively, Markus can convince Connor to join him, and they attempt to save as many other deviants as possible during the FBI raid.

Markus manages to escape along with a few other deviants before blowing up Jericho’s base.

For the few hundred androids that survive the FBI’s raid, they choose to either demonstrate in front of the extermination camps, or they can violently attack the camps.

A fake Hillary Clinton-wannabe is depicted as the President of the United States, outing Quantic Dream as a true Leftist corporation. The President makes it known that the deviants are a danger to the United States of America, and they are being rounded up and destroyed.

Markus leads a revolution against the humans, freeing the captured androids from the extermination camps.

He then gives a rousing (yet lame) speech about the androids being free after he takes to a podium to take control of the terrorist androids, claiming that humans will have to deal with them and give them equal rights.

In some alternate endings, Markus can be killed during the peaceful protest when standing up to the S.W.A.T., during the first march. Alternatively, Markus can lead a peaceful revolution without fighting back, but many androids will still be killed in the process.

The other possible ending during the peaceful protest is that if Markus keeps hold of the trigger for the dirty bomb, he can trigger it as a last resort as the police are rounding up and killing the androids. In this ending, Markus leads the android rebellion after all the humans are evacuated from Detroit, and the fake Hillary Clinton POTUS announces that Detroit has fallen, and the androids become the rulers of the city.

Connor’s Story And Endings

Connor is a special investigator designed to track down deviant androids that defy their programming and go rogue. Connor is essentially an android version of a Blade Runner.

Connor has the best written story out of the three, and actor Bryan Dechart turns in a fantastic performance. He’s an RK800 prototype model assigned to help Lt. Hank Anderson solve the surge in deviancy in androids, which has resulted in human deaths.

Detroit Become Human - Regrettable Interruption

Connor and Hank get off to a rough start, but the player has the option to get on Hank’s good side by saving his life and connecting with him on a personal level. Eventually the two become friends and attempt to solve the case of the deviants, but Connor’s attempt to empathize with Hank impedes the mission, which frustrates Connor’s handler from Cyberlife, Amanda.

Alternatively, if Connor avoids being empathic he will gain Amanda’s trust. His most defining moment comes during the Kamski Test, where a former Cyberlife android designer tests Connor’s reliability as an android by having him shoot and kill another android. If Connor chooses to kill the android he will maintain competency in his mission and will learn nothing from Kamski about deviancy.

Detroit Become Human - A Flower That Will Never Wither

Either way, Connor eventually discovers the location of Jericho and proceeds to lead the FBI to the android hideout, where the FBI proceed to kill hundreds of the deviants that Markus freed.

During the Jericho raid, Connor has the choice of either joining with the androids or stopping them. If he joins the Jericho group then he will attempt to free more androids from the Cyberlife Tower. If he doesn’t join with Jericho then he will

With the Markus ending, Connor will stand by Markus’ side as a deviant. During the post-credits scene he’ll meet up with Hank again and the two will hug.

As showcased in the other endings, if Connor decides to maintain his mission parameters and take down the deviants from Jericho, he will have to kill Markus or North in a final showdown to complete his mission and end the deviant android uprising, as captured by Powerpyx. If Connor successfully completes his mission then he will retain Amanda’s trust as the top of the line deviant-hunting prototype from Cyberlife.

At the end of the game, if Connor completes Cyberlife’s mission, Amanda will tell him that there’s a new RK900 model that the company will be issuing to replace the RK800 series. Connor will ask what will happen to him, and Amanda tells him that he will be made obsolete and replaced.

In a secret post-credits ending, if you choose to spare Chloe’s life during the Kamski test, she will appear on the screen and ask to be made free. If players choose to say “Yes” then it will open up the menu and show a “New Story” option.

Detroit Become Human - New Story

TL;DR: Androids begin feeling pseudo-emotions through conflicting code that poorly simulates human emotions. The company that made the androids, Cyberlife, sends Connor to decommission the deviant androids. In the process, a housemaid android named Kara and a little girl android, Alice, attempt to flee to Canada to escape from an abusive owner named Todd. And Markus attempts to raise an Android rebellion in order to fight for their freedom. Depending on the choices players make, Connor can either kill Markus and the other deviants, or they can have Connor join the deviants. Kara and Alice can either escape to Canada or get caught and recycled. And Markus can either lead a peaceful protest or ignite a violent revolution.


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