Detroit: Become Human Walkthrough And Choices
Detroit Become Human Walkthrough and Choices

Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human is now available for PlayStation 4 gamers. The company has been readily pushing the diversity agenda down the throats of PS4 gamers nonstop, and if you happened to buy into the propaganda and need a bit of help navigating the BLM-feminist simulator known as Detroit: Become Human, there are some walkthrough guides available.

Youtuber Gamer’s Little Playground has a walkthrough playlist available for featuring the game and all cutscenes. You can check it out below.

Detroit: Become Human PS4 Controls

The game starts with players assuming the role of Connor, a prototype negotiator android.

The right analog stick will allow you to make decisions on the fly. You can also look at certain objects using the R1 bumper. You can examine your mission objectives using R2.

Talk to the police captain and ask him questions about the android. When you finish talking to the captain, use Triangle on the gun case and the ammo.

You can reconstruct sequences with Connor by using the left and right triggers on the PS4’s DualShock controller.

Go into the little girl’s room and play video on the tablet to learn that the deviant android’s name is Daniel.

Listen to the headphones on the floor of the little girl’s room to further unlock another clue.

Go into the living room and examine the dead body on the floor.

Use Triangle to collect the four data points and then press and hold Square to reconstruct the sequence.

You’ll discover that the father was holding a tablet – unlock it to recognize that Daniel was about to be replaced. This will increase your probability of success.

Examine the dead cop on the ground and collect the data. Rinse and repeat by the reconstruction. There’s a gun on the ground that will enable you to take it or leave it.

You may want to take the gun if you intend to shoot and kill Daniel.

Examine the blue blood on the ground to discover that Daniel is model PL600.

If you have a high enough high probability you can then go outside.

If you go outside, and you have a gun and you plan on rescuing Daniel, tell the truth about having a gun on you.

Use the unlocked dialogue options to calm down Daniel while slowly walking toward him. If your probability of success is at 99% you’ll be able to compromise with Daniel and reassure him and he will let the little girl go and the snipers will kill Daniel.

If you sacrifice Connor then he will die at the beginning of the game.

Detroit Become Human - You Lied To Me Connor

Detroit: Become Human – Kara and Markus

After this segment ends, it will switch over to the AX400, also known as Kara.

A long cinematic and the intro sequence will then start.

Keep in mind that characters can die in Detroit: Become Human at various points, including Connor, Kara and Markus.

After the intro sequence ends, players will be in control of Markus.

Your objective will be to go to Bellini’s shop.

Use the right trigger to see the waypoint for your destination.

Go through the basic quick-time event once you get into the shop to acquire and pay for the payment.

You can also switch camera angles by pressing the right bumper on the PS4’s DualShock controller.

Head to the bus station just beyond the protestors. Go to the bus stop and press ‘X’ on the DualShock 4.

Detroit Become Human - Android Lives Matter

Kara Meets Tood & Alice

The game will switch back over to Kara. Her objective is to clean and cook, like what traditional women used to do before feminism corrupted them and turned them into deviants.

Pick up the trash can from the kitchen and collect all the garbage off the counter and the table. Collect all the garbage from the kitchen and place them in the garbage bags and then head outside to place the trash bags in the canisters out front.

Head back inside and wash the dishes. You’ll need to take the dishes from the dining room table and place them inside the sink.

Wash the dishes and then get Todd his beer, the way wives used to do back in the 1950s.

Once you finish cleaning everything up downstairs head upstairs and clean Todd’s room. This includes:
Putting away his guitar,
Making his bed
Cleaning up his albums
Tidying up the desks

There’s also a drawer with a gun and medicine. Put the medicine in the nightstand and tidy up the rest of the room. Tidy up the desk near the window to finish cleaning Todd’s room.

You can catch up on current events by switching on the TV.

There are also optional quests to clean up the bathroom. Your main quest is to tidy up Alice’s room, though. Put the book away and fix up Alice’s bed. Proceed to ventilate the room by opening the window.

Proceed to talk to Alice to unlock the next segment. You can be friendly to Alice and tell her Kara’s name to raise her affinity. If you ask Alice about her mother she will run off after giving Kara a key.

Inside the box shows drawings of Todd abusing Kara. Kara will head downstairs and see that Todd, a straight white male, is depicted as an abusive father, which is typical propaganda by Leftist developers.

Detroit Become Human - Carl

Detroit: Become Human – Meet Carl

The game will switch back over to Markus, who will need to take care of Carl.

Head upstairs and draw the curtains. Give Carl his medicine and then take him to the bathroom.

Head downstairs with Carl and set him at the table; grab the breakfast tray and bring it into the next room.

While Carl eats breakfast, you can find something to do, including playing chess, reading a book. If you chose to lose on purpose, Carl will lightly reprimand Markus for throwing the match if you decide to tell the truth about throwing the match.

Take Carl into the studio and clean up the stuff under the studio desk, along with cleaning up all the painting utensils on the workbench.

Place the paint on the shelf and finally clean up the paint cans on the floor by the sculptures.

When Carl gets done painting he’ll ask Markus if he likes it – after you make the choice Carl will ask Markus to paint something. If you first paint a copy of Carl’s painting he will tell Markus to paint something he feels.

Detroit Become Human - The Painting

You’ll have a choice of painting androids, humanity, or identity.

After a short cinematic the game will switch back to Connor.

You’ll need to head inside the bar and scan the faces of the patrons for Lt. Anderson.

If you talk to him persistently and offer to buy him a drink, Hank will raise his affinity with Connor. Alternatively you can threaten him and it will lower your affinity with Hank.

Detroit Become Human - Hank

Detroit: Become Human – Lt. Hank Anderson

After arriving at the crime scene, exit the vehicle and enter into the crime scene. You can use L1 to examine the crime scene.

Check the desk to discover that the victim used drugs. Examine the knife with the blood on it to examine the sample. Analyze the handle of the knife as well.

Check the desk by the window and there’s a pamphlet for a strip club.

You know David Cage is a perv, and that was a perfect opportunity to get some naked ladies up inside his game because he loves seeing low-poly boobs in real time.

Examine the backyard, along with the chair to extract a fingerprint of the victim. Examine the bat and the two fingerprints and then reconstruct the scenario.

Proceed to examine the illegal immigrant, Carlos Ortiz, and look at all the clues on his body to reconstruct the sequence.

Go into the bathroom and examine the religious statue in the tub.

Go talk to Lt. Anderson. In sequence, tell him:
The attack started in the kitchen.
The victim attacked with the baseball bat.
The victim was stabbed by the android with a knife.
The android killed the victim with the knife until he was good and dead.

Connor will reveal that the android lost some thirium. You’ll need to search the house for blue blood, which will lead you into the bathroom. Exit the bathroom back into the hall and you will need to grab a chair from the kitchen to climb up into the attic.

Bring the chair back into the hall and climb up into the attic.

Inside the attic you’ll discover the android thug.

Detroit Become Human - Dinner Table

The game will then switch back to Kara.

You’ll need to serve the food.

Turn on the lights and serve Alice and Todd by pouring water and giving them a napkin.

You’ll have the choice of not moving or doing stuff. If you do stuff after Todd tells you not to move. However, if you stand still Todd will go get high instead.

Todd will take off his belt and proceed to go upstairs.

Use the quick-time event to break the literal barrier. You can go upstairs – if you go into Todd’s room you can grab the gun from the drawer and threaten Todd.

Alternatively, you can go into the room and fight with Todd in a badly choreographed fight.

Kara and Alice will escape from the house through the kitchen.

The other option is to shoot and kill Todd and escape through the window.

Detroit Become Human - Leaving Todd

The game will switch back to Carl and the BLM surrogate savior, Markus.

Another quick-time event will take place and Markus will literally have to break through the barriers of digital oppression… literally.

The police will show up and then David Cage will have a badly scripted sequence where the police shoot Markus on sight, which is more Leftist propaganda.

Detroit Become Human - I was Scared, So I hid

The game will switch back to Connor, who will then talk to the black Android murderer.

Proceed to analyze the five clues on the black housekeeper. Check his head, chest, arms, and hit marks before interrogating him.

During the interrogation, threaten the droid, and then blame him.

The objective is to raise the stress levels of the droid. Keep threatening him until he breaks.

Ask the droid about the statue in the bathroom, then ask him about the offering, and then ask the droid about ra9.

Extract the confession from the droid.

You’ll then have a choice of either intervening or letting the black droid kill himself.

Detroit Become Human - Homeless Android

The game will then switch back back to Kara.

The bus driver will kick them off the bus.

You will need to find a place to stay – there are a few locations you can examine.

The hotel will require money, but the abandoned house will require wire cutters.

Inside the convenience store there are wire cutters on the shelf that you can steal. Additionally, you can also rob the black man and use the money to stay in the hotel.

You can use the wire cutters on the fence so Kara and Alice can squat in the abandoned house.

However, a crazy robot will be in the alley and threaten Alice and Kara. He’s a damaged droid. You can attempt to reason with him but he threatens Kara and Alice to leave.

Go into the laundry mat and there’s another black man sleep on a bench. Unfortunately you can’t call the police, but fortunately you can steal his clothes. Alice will warn Kara that stealing is wrong – you have a choice to steal the clothes or leave. You can steal the clothes and rob the black man at the convenience store for $40 and then go and stay in the motel.

Alternatively, you can break into the abandoned parking lot and sleep in the abandoned car until morning.

The annoying little girl will complain about the beat down jalopy, but if you aren’t willing to steal some clothes and take the black man’s money, you’ll have to settle for sleeping in the car.

Detroit Become Human - The Terminator

The game will then switch back to Markus. This fool will find himself face down in the mud after getting killed by the cops… except, he’s not dead. He looks like a poor man’s Terminator.

Run diagnostics on Markus’ beat up body to get an analysis on what went wrong. He’ll need new legs after his old legs had been ripped off.

Go through the QTEs and replace both of Markus’ legs. Exit through the graveyard of robots and search through the bodies for optical replacement units and thirium upgrades.

A thirium pump regulator is found in a dismembered robot chick. You can either spare her or kill her. Even if you let her live she isn’t going anywhere, she’s stuck there in the robot ghetto, so kill the half-dead thot and take the thirium regulator. She won’t be needing it anyway.

You’ll find a new audio processor from a dead droid near a barrel below the hill.

Take the eye and then climb out of the graveyard of robo-droids.

Once you finish the robo graveyard segment, it will switch back to Connor. Back in control of Connor, head across the bridge and go talk to the old black chick, Amanda.

Amanda will ask about the situation regarding the black deviant who committed suicide, as well as Lt. Anderson.

If you suggest to Amanda that you will adapt to Lt. Anderson’s personality, it will lower Amanda’s trust in Connor.

The game will then switch over to the police station, where Connor will have to meet with Lt. Anderson.

Go over to Lt. Anderson’s desk and wait for him by sitting in the chair. Explore the work station – and analyze eight different clues around the desk.

Go in and listen to the black man chew out Hank like a bad 80’s action movie. When the black man gets done being loud and obnoxious, head back to the desk and talk to Hank. If you talk to Hank about the music and his dog, he’ll warm up to Connor. If you ask about deviants and the sports game, you’ll lose affinity points with Hank.

Scan the files from the computer and then talk to Hank – if you attempt to threaten him or get direct, it will lower Hank’s affinity with Connor.

Detroit Become Human - Hank

The game will then switch back to Kara, who will be tasked with changing her clothes and her hair.

Go over and attempt to lift trunk of the car – you’ll need to grab the crowbar from the ground to get into the trunk and take the overcoat.

Before you can leave the car park, go over to the tire and grab the scissors. Cut Kara’s hair and you can choose from blonde, black, and white.

Detroit Become Human - Kara's Hair

Once you get done with the clothes and hair, wake up Alice who is still in the car.

You’ll need to sneak past the cops to get to the train station – head north and then cross the street after hiding behind the post. Cross the street and then hide behind the bench. Wait for the cop to pass by and then cross the street and pull out the umbrella to hide from the cops.

Head up to the ATM machine and hide again using Square and the L1 bumper.

Once Kara reaches the train, the game will back over to Markus, who will need to find Jericho.

Look at the symbol on the card and then walk over to the wall and look at the square-shaped object at the bottom of the graffiti and hold down Triangle.

Head out of the station and to the wall with the Joe Louis graffiti – there are two square symbols on the mural. One in the top right corner and one in the bottom left corner.

Head across the street and look up at the top right hand corner of the building and there’s another symbol.

Go look at the robot paintings on the wall through the fence. There are three more symbols. In order to find them all you’ll need to enter through the fence using L1.

Remove the wooden crate to spot the last symbol.

There’s another symbol on the android heads painted on the nearby wall just south of the painting where you discovered the previous three symbols. Once you finish up it will unlock a new mission to reach the roof, which you can do by using the dumpster.

Reconstruct the sequence to clear the gap, execute the sequence and then spot several more symbols leading up to another building.

Preconstruct a way into the building by using the L2 and R2 buttons. Scale up the left side of the building, and then choose to have Markus run along the side ledge, and then have him jump up the structure and then use the ladder on the side to get into the building.

Next, spot the symbol but aligning the perspective of the pillar on the wall, as indicated in the image below.

Move around the room until you find the blocked pathway, and move the debris out of the way until you reach the rooftop.

In order to get onto the boat you can’t take the bridge – head to your left and up the structure. Dive into the water to head into the next sequence.

Make your way through the linear pathway inside the boat until Markus’ falls and meets some other androids.

Detroit Become Human - Detroit Police

The game will the switch back to Hank and Connor.

You’ll need to reconcile with Hank – if you apologize directly to Hank he will warm up to Connor and raise his affinity with him.

You can also ask Hank about a few things as well as either lie or tell the truth about Hank’s personality. If you tell the truth it will raise Hank’s affinity with Connor, especially if you investigated Hank’s desk properly at the station.

The next sequence will see Connor and Hank investigating a report of deviancy at a rotten, rundown apartment.

Examine the wall and move back the paneling to acquire the notebook with the ciphers inside.

Examine the refrigerator and the bathroom wall that has RA9 scribbled on it.

Reconstruct the sequence with the chair that shows the suspect falling from the chair and fleeing through the living room.

Sample the blue blood in the sink and take the LED sample.

Examine the bird cage for the three sample clues to reconstruct the scenario.

This will reveal where the deviant went – head over to the chair under the open hole in the ceiling and chase after the android.

There’s a cool chase sequence with Connor and the android – you’ll be able to choose different different routes – take note that difficult routes will require more quick-time presses but slower routes will cause you to lose the suspect.

Other than writing sequences where hot chicks get naked, David Cage seems to do a decent job writing chase sequences. The chase will end with Connor being able to either save Hank or pursue the android. If you pursue the android there’s a risk Hank might die, but if you save Hank it will raise Hank’s affability with Connor to friend status.

Detroit Become Human - Find Lucy

The game will switch back to Markus, who will need to find Lucy.

You’ll find Lucy by following her voice – she’s located behind a curtain, singing.

After you talk to North and Josh, go talk to Simon to devise a plan.

The game switches back to Kara and Alice.

They have to head into the house and go down into the basement.

It turns out that Zlatko isn’t there to help, but he actually resets the deviants. He locks Kara in the machine and abuses Alice a little bit before taking her away like a pedo creep.

After Kara’s memory is wiped she’s able to get free. You can attempt to get Kara’s memory back by opening the cell and talking with the deformed deviants in the cell.

You’ll need to attempt to restore Kara’s memories by interacting with various objects around the house. All of the objects with a yellow marker will allow Kara to piece together the fragments. Take the dinner up Zlatko and attempt to restore enough of Kara’s memory so she can rescue Alice.

You have only 10 minutes to restore Kara’s memory and find Alice.

Go look at the desk at the back of the room after setting the carcass down on the table and go look at the bong on the table next to the door and Kara will gain her memory back.

In the next room there’s an Asian paraplegic droid. You can either spare him or turn him off. He won’t know where Alice is so asking him is pointless.

You’ll find Alice in the room at the end of the hallway on the right side of the second floor. When you exit the room Luther will be called by Zlatko. When his back is turned you can go into one of the rooms and hide.

When Luther goes to look for Kara and Alice, you can hide in the room next room by going into the closet. You have to move quick because there’s a 40 second timer where you’ll be able to move to the next hiding spot. If you opened the cage with the deformed bear in it, you’ll be able to go back into the room and when Zlatko comes in you can move to the hiding spots until you get near the cage.

Dodge Luther by doing the quick-time events and the bear will buy Kara and Alice time to escape.

Head downstairs and out the back door to exit.

The segment will end and switch back to Connor.

Amanda will be disappointed if you chose not to stop the deviant but helped Hank instead. You can explain why you chose to help Hank or why you chose to pursue the deviant instead.

Amanda will give Connor a new case, which sees Connor going to Anderson’s home. He won’t answer the door because he’s unconscious on the ground. Go through the window on the side of the house.

Take Hank into the bathroom and get his clothes so you can go to the sex club downtown, which was likely David Cage’s favorite part of development. Hot android strippers.

After Connor helps Hank get dressed the duo prepare to head to the sex club.


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