Don’t Stand Out Adds Isometric Acrobatics To Battle Royale Genre

Don't Stand Out

Tantum Games announced that their isometric Battle Royale game, Don’t Stand Out, is set to enter into Early Access on Steam starting May 31st, at the end of the month.

The game is unlike any other Battle Royale title out there, because instead of being another first-person or third-person shooter, Don’t Stand Out is an isometric shooter, meaning that you can view the action from a bird’s eye view.

The name of the game actually coincides with the actual gameplay. It’s not just a title just to be a title nor some means of trying to be pretentious. In fact, the theme is that your main goal is to kill other players by NOT standing out. You see this in play with the gameplay trailer where a player who is conspicuously running out in the open gets killed in cold blood by another player who was hiding in the bushes. Don’t stand out, and you won’t die.

The landscape is themed around a topographically diverse set of plains and forested areas, with some slopes and hills here and there, along with a variety of areas in which to hide.

Swamps and marshes are present as well, where you can use them as a launch-pad to ambush other players.

The real hook is that when the action gets heavy and the explosives get hot, you’re not left out in the cold to suffer a humiliating defeat. You have at your disposal a number of acrobatic maneuvers that you can utilize in order to dodge incoming fire or setup some pretty cool stylistic kills.

Tantum Games have plans on spending around five through six months on developing Don’t Stand Out before it’s ready for graduation from Early Access. Between that time they have plans on adding new maps, new weapons, and enhanced gameplay mechanics along with optimization and balance fixes.

You can look for Don’t Stand Out to make attempt at standing out within the Battle Royale genre when it enters into Early Access starting May 31st. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.

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