I Doubt Wax On, Wax Off Helps On Roof Rage
Roof Rage

Personally? A couple of takeaways are to be had with Roof Rage’s new Steam trailer.

One, that it’s finally here and two, that it’s already calling itself a new kind of platform fighter. Which to be fair is a bold claim to make seeing how there’s really no dearth of 8-16-bit platformers at this epoch of history.

Backing said claim are more than 3,500 pixelated sprites. What this seems to provide for in very simple terms, is a vastly fluid array of character animations that characterizes Roof Rage’s blink-and-you’re-dead pace of combat.

Then there’s the fact that the martial arts platformer takes the Roof in its name rather seriously, not only restricting all combat to inspired Southeast-Asian rooftops but going so far as to pick the tiles off them.

These can apparently be thrown at your opponent’s faces for a few guffaws or be used to parry anything else they’d like to throw at you in return. Although, the liberty of action with regards to how one works their way up to the final finishing move is such that each character requires separate move-lists.

Now what’s Roof Rage doing on a program like Early Access? Giving you eight playable characters, nine distinct levels, ten music tracks plus variations, bizarrely strenuous A.I, online 1vs1 and local 8-player multiplayer support spread across free-for-all, team and practice-type modes.

A six-month period of beta tests notwithstanding, freelance developer Jérémie Klemke would further like to incorporate into the meshwork a story mode, new characters/levels, ranked support and space for more online/local participants.

But as is usually with matters of this nature, the above draft was never really part of the South Korean resident’s plan. What started out as a scale/variety-intense concept eventually evolved into a passion project of pixels, was joined by Pentadrangle on audio, and even made a father of Klemke.

To be self-published June 8th, 2018.


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